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In Defense of the Office Chair (INFOGRAPHIC)

by Melissa Bell
1 minutes read

‘Before we start, are you standing while reading this post?’ – asks Omnicore designer Salman Aslam.

Chances are you’ve read articles and scrolled through infographics suggesting that too much sitting can have serious health consequences, all backed by studies conducted over the past decade. This infographic from Aslam looks at various ways to improve posture and alleviate back pain while sitting in the office.

On the Health Science Journal, we’ve recently featured some infographics on the hazards of sitting. This infographic comes in response to those infographics, as for most people sitting is inevitable.

What is important is to ensure you are sitting correctly and using ergonomic equipment that won’t strain your neck of back. Aslam’s infographic breaks tried-and-proven down solutions for sitters: from perfecting the ideal seated position to the must-have features in an ergonomic chair. Check it out!


[Via Omnicore]


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