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How USANA Ensures High-Quality Products: Commitment to Quality

by Melissa Bell
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No matter what kind of product you may be in the market for—food, furniture, a new car, wellness products—the respective market is most likely saturated with a myriad of options. But you work hard for your income, and you need to know that you’re spending your money on a product that’s worthwhile. You deserve top-tier products that are developed and manufactured with care, quality, and your personal needs in mind.

USANA Health Sciences prioritizes creating high-quality products designed to support your well-being, and they are dedicated to ensuring that every product arriving on your doorstep has been thoroughly tested to meet their strict qualifications for quality. When you invest in USANA supplements and personal care products, you are investing in yourself. USANA is committed to providing only the highest quality products that meet your wellness needs and help you live well.

Why Is Quality So Important to USANA?

Product quality is taken seriously at USANA, and it shows! USANA is proud of all the advancements they’ve made in the world of supplements, and countless awards speak to the work that’s been done by their talented team. And behind all the awards, science, and safety, USANA aims to produce high-quality products that support you! The lives and well-being of their customers is at the heart of everything they do, and they strive to demonstrate their commitment to our customers by developing products that fuel your body and maintain a happy life. 

Product quality benefits all of us. When you know that your product has been made with potent, pure ingredients by a team of experts, you know you can put trust in the company behind it. USANA is, without a doubt, instilling trust in their customers.

Testing for Greatness

USANA knows the importance of testing for quality. Many dietary supplement manufacturers adhere to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards set specifically for the food industry. These standards are already rigorous and push companies within the dietary supplement industry to the limit, and USANA follows high standards that cover everything from the overall design of manufacturing plants to cleanliness, quality control procedures, testing of raw materials and final products, and even how waste is disposed of at the manufacturing facility. No matter what product you buy, USANA guarantees it will be potent, pure, safe, and developed with the utmost care and attention to detail.

USANA’s commitment to quality starts in their facility and continues with their ingredients. To produce innovative and top-tier supplements, USANA starts by purchasing raw materials from suppliers across the globe. Their suppliers are thoroughly vetted, and the ingredients purchased from them come certified for potency, purity, and are tested to be free from contaminants. With this dedication to high-quality ingredients, USANA’s final products have been tested and have received the “Stamp of Approval” from ConsumerLab.com, one of the most trusted and reputable third-party institutes for independent testing.

Product quality at USANA will always prioritize the needs and expectations of customers while adhering to strict industry guidelines. USANA is an international corporation, requiring all their products to be governed by various regulatory standards around the world. These standards include those set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Helping customers maintain good physical and mental health is always at the focus of USANA’s processes, and their experts trust the standards set by international health organizations. Before USANA products are distributed to Associates and customers across the globe, everything is thoroughly tested and reviewed before they even make it onto a delivery truck.

USANA’s headquarters—located in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA—is a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified manufacturing facility. This means that the facility is compliant with GMP requirements (NSF/ANSI Standard 173-2012, Dietary Supplements) set by NSF International. USANA also became a registered U.S. Food and Drug Administration Drug Establishment in 2011. But USANA’s commitment to safety didn’t stop there. The Salt Lake City manufacturing facility receives ongoing inspections by NSF International on our processes, raw materials, and all finished products.

Behind all these great products, a team of dedicated scientists has been leading the way in discovering how best to unlock our bodies’ full potential. Rest assured that no matter what you purchase from USANA, that product has gone through six rigorous phases of testing before going to market—including research, formulation, clinical trials, in-house manufacturing, quality control processes, and third-party verification. These tests are performed by a team of over 150 scientists with backgrounds in pharmaceuticals, genetics, molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, and more. From physical to mental well-being, any topic that could benefit the customers is leading USANA’s in-house research and development team (R&D) to create better products that support your day-to-day life and wellness.

The Potency Guarantee

Any time you purchase a USANA product, you’ll find a small seal with a big impact. This is the Potency Guarantee seal. Although it may seem like just another part of the label, the Potency Guarantee is more than just your average seal of approval. When you see the Potency Guarantee on a USANA bottle of vitamins or supplements, this means that the products inside have been tested for five important things.

First, all products must meet the specified expectations of quality. Second, they must be proven to have the proper strength and potency that is guaranteed on the label. Third, the products are tested for composition, meaning that the product must be formulated to deliver the right nutrients directly to your cells. Fourth, the ingredients are carefully inspected, sampled, and tested to ensure that they are of the highest possible quality. Last but not least, all ingredients within the products you purchase are tested for absolute purity. Everything must be completely free from impurities or contamination such as heavy metals and pesticides. USANA knows the exceptional and undeniable value of good health, and no product would be sent to a customer unless its perfection has been proven.

Sending You the Best of the Best

The dedicated team at USANA will always remain committed to their customers, and that means developing high-quality products made with pure, uncontaminated ingredients. When you come to USANA, you can trust that they will help you maintain good health.

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