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What Is Iontophoresis and How It Can Stop Your Sweating?

by Melissa Bell
3 minutes read

Are you suffering from excessive sweating issues? Hyperhidrosis can occur in unusual situations, such as in cooler weather, or without any trigger at all. It is often treated by iontophoresis – a technique of delivering ionic medicinal compounds through the skin by applying a local electric current. If you are unfamiliar with this treatment, stay with us as we go through it in this article.


What is iontophoresis?

It is a treatment that uses an electric current and transfers the drug directly into the body without using any needles, syringes, or tablets. The therapy is painless and can be more impactful than many other methods. The treatment frequency of iontophoresis depends on the level of excessive sweating – severe, mild, or moderate. Based on your condition, a doctor can recommend you to use an Iontophoresis machine to help remedy your sweating. Let’s take a look at how it works:

  • The initial phase

The first phase is done until the patient attains the desired level of dryness. Initially, the treatment is being offered five times a week in a 20–40-minute sessions, lasting for two to six weeks. In most cases, people achieve the desired result in just two weeks. However, severe sweating issues many require a more concentrated treatment.

  • Maintenance phase

When a patient attains the level of dryness in the first phase, they will move to the next level, maintenance. It is done to maintain the outcome of the treatment, and the treatment will first be done once per week and then once in a few weeks. This varies, however, depending on the severity of the hyperhidrosis.

Perks of the treatment

Many patients are there wishing to know about the perks of the treatment and just how effective iontophoresis can be. Most patients start with some amount of scepticism as many have applied various creams and antiseptics through the years with little success.

Here are some of the benefits of the treatment:

  • Cost-effective procedure

Normally, people will think that the treatment is expensive compared to buying creams or antiperspirants. However, it can equally be argued that because iontophoresis is effective at treating hyperhidrosis it is more cost-effective than creams and products which do not help your sweating. The iontophoresis machine offers effective results compared to most other processes. It is one of the most important reasons to consider it when it comes to getting rid of excessive sweating.

  •   You can get the treatment at home

There is no need for you to visit any clinic as once you have the device – you can do it at your own home. Also, you can book an appointment with experts who will visit your home to do the procedure. In short, it eliminates the need to wait for your turn as you have full freedom to schedule a time at your convenience.

Final thoughts

Excessive sweating can affect a person to a great extent. People may avoid social occasions and stay away from other people because they are afraid they will be associated with bad smell. It affects their confidence level and will stop them from doing many things.

Opting for Iontophoresis can improve your confidence level, open new doors or simply get you back in your social circles. It is an effective treatment, and the iontophoresis device is a perfect example of modern technology and convenience.

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