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Clinicians Weigh In: The Impact of AI Medical Scribes on Healthcare

by Melissa Bell
4 minutes read

In the demanding world of healthcare, clinicians often find themselves overwhelmed by the dual pressures of patient care and administrative tasks. One area where technology is making a significant impact is in medical documentation. AI medical scribes are transforming the way clinicians work, offering relief from the burdensome task of note-taking. Let’s dive into what real clinicians are saying about their experiences with AI medical scribes, particularly the Freed AI Medical Scribe.

A Real Time Saver

Many clinicians are enthusiastic about the time-saving benefits of AI medical scribes. For instance, Dr. M notes, “A real time saver. I can see this benefiting patients and healthcare providers.” Similarly, Arun Puthusseril shares, “Saves me at least 2 hours daily with far less mental fatigue by the time I get home.” This sentiment is echoed by Deb David, who says, “This ability to put into notes what is being said by both provider and patient is beyond helpful!! Gets me out of the office quicker at the end of the day.”


Enhancing Quality of Life

The reduction in administrative workload not only saves time but also improves the quality of life for many clinicians. Kristy Wade, a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, expresses her gratitude: “I have the evenings free and I’m not in my office taking up extra time that could be spent with my children. Freed has been such a wonderful addition to my practice.” Similarly, Mariah H highlights how the technology has changed her practice: “This platform has seriously changed my practice and given me my life back! I am very grateful for this program and how well it works.”

Improved Patient Interaction

AI medical scribes are also enhancing patient care by allowing clinicians to focus more on their patients rather than their screens. Ali Roberts, a family medicine physician, states, “I’m spending more time just talking to my patients and facing them instead of the computer.” Vera Tarman adds, “No more looking at my computer, I can actually make eye contact with my patients again!”

High Accuracy and Efficiency

The accuracy and efficiency of AI medical scribes are significant factors in their growing popularity. Aleksandra Besterfeldt praises the technology, saying, “Absolutely amazing! I was so impressed with how accurate and detailed progress notes came up using Freed.” David also highlights the precision, noting, “I have just used this app and I think it is absolute genius! In the first 20 patients I used it for, it has been 100% accurate.”

Technology for Clinicians in All Specialties

The versatility of AI medical scribes is appreciated by clinicians across various specialties. Dr. Sanjay Bharti, an interventional cardiologist, shares, “Freed has improved over the months, very affordable. It has become more succinct and smart in its notes over time, perfect for specialty.” Dr. Martin Wesley, a professor and counselor educator, emphasizes its impact on mental health professionals: “This product frees the therapist to do therapy and leaves the documentation to Freed. It also provides helpful follow-up messages for the clients to engage them until they return for their next visit.”

Try it for Yourself

The overwhelming positive feedback from clinicians suggests that AI medical scribes like the Freed AI Medical Scribe are more than just a technological innovation—they are a game-changer in healthcare. Nicole Chase, MD, encapsulates this sentiment perfectly: “Freed is the perfect name for this glorious product! AI charting is truly the ultimate form of provider self-care; I’ll never go back. Please do yourself a favor and give it a try—you deserve to enjoy this life you’ve worked so hard for!”

AI medical scribes are revolutionizing the way clinicians manage their workloads, improving both their professional and personal lives. The consistent praise from clinicians highlights the transformative potential of this technology. If you’re a clinician curious about AI medical scribes, consider the experiences of your peers and take the leap towards a more efficient and satisfying practice. Many AI medical scribes offer free trials, so you can see which one works best for you before you decide.

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