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Practice Management Software – What actually is it? And why is it so important for your clinic to have it?

by Melissa Bell
5 minutes read

If you run a health clinic of any kind, you’ve likely heard of practice management software (PMS) before. In this post, we’ll share everything you need to know about practice management software and, why it’s so important for your clinic to have it.

Practice management software, what is it exactly?


Practice management software enables medical business owners to run their practice more efficiently and accurately. Instead of having someone manually organize administrative and business-related tasks within the practice, PMS takes over and does it autonomously. Some of the aspects it can help with include billing, invoicing, reminders, accounts receivable, client notes, and so much more. As many tasks are taken care of by PMS, staff that would normally manage these things can redirect their attention to other important aspects of the business. With PMS, all patient data is kept in the one location and secure from accidental damage and theft.

Advantages of using practice management software

The benefits that PMS can offer are almost endless. Below we’ve listed some of the many:

Why is implementing PMS so important?

Managing a health practice takes a lot of work and diligence however, with the help of PMS, you can reduce the number of manual processes that are needed to be taken care of and rather than spending time on these, it can be spent on the most vital aspect of the business – your patients. Resources and staff are better directed, and tedious and time-consuming tasks are not chewing up valuable time each day. PMS can improve the way you do business drastically.

Improve efficiency

With PMS, almost every area of the practice is improved. Billing and invoices are correct, reminders are sent to patients to minimize no shows and missed appointments, you are alerted if an error has been documented allowing you to remedy the issue quickly, all information is stored securely and is legible, meaning no more chasing up notes that you cannot read.

Reduce errors

As humans, mistakes will inevitably be made at some point or another. Reducing errors has to be one of the most beneficial features that PMS offers. Errors can be detrimental not only to the practice but to the level of care your patients receive. All data is stored in the software program which allows the PMS to recognize errors almost immediately when entered into the database.

Greater patient satisfaction

When your patients are receiving quality care and their dealing with the business is streamlined and professional, this can lead to greater patient satisfaction. This is integral to the success of your practice. The more satisfied your patients are, the more likely they will be to return and recommend your practice to others. Not to mention the benefits it can make to their health – satisfied patients are more likely to follow through with the practitioner’s recommendations. All of this is achievable with PMS, rather than rushing through their appointment, they feel heard and cared for. Trust and rapport are boosted, and the overall level of care is higher.

Simplify and automate workflow

As mentioned briefly above, one of the key features of PMS is streamlining and simplifying administrative tasks and the everyday running of a practice. With many elements constantly monitored, any discrepancies or minor errors can be fixed with instant troubleshooting capabilities.

Sophisticated security measures

The security that PMS can offer is simply unmatched by paper and manual processes. It allows you to control who sees what by restricting access to employees that do not have the authority to look at confidential information. You can see who has accessed information and when. When you choose a reputable PMS company, you can expect your data to be protected by state-of-the-art encryption, and it is securely backed up. PMS offers constant monitoring minimizing downtime.

Integration with EHR

PMS can be integrated with electronic health records (EHR). EHRs are files that are used to record patient data. Rather than having various paper trails, you can store patient information in one spot. This makes conversing with other practitioners easier, and you can see all of the patient’s data in the one location, including conditions, previous treatments, medications, allergic reactions etc. Information can be easily accessed and amended when required.

Do I need to have practice management software?

While you don’t need to have practice management software, as you can see, the benefits of using it are undeniable. It enables your practice to be at the forefront and provide a better and more efficient level of care to your patients. PMS makes running a practice easier, and it’s a smart business decision from every point of view. For optimal growth, it’s essential to be open to new ways of doing things and evolving to ensure you are running your practice to the best of your ability, and PMS is a great way of doing this.

Looking to try practice management software, but not ready to commit?

Here at Nookal, we have a practice management software program that is sophisticated in more ways than one. We are so confident in its ability to transform the way you run your practice that we offer a 30-day free trial so you can see what it’s all about and how it can improve your practice. To get started, head to our website!

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