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The Best Places to Buy Used Mobility Scooters

by Melissa Bell
5 minutes read

A mobility scooter is an electric mobility aid or vehicle. It is quite similar to a power wheelchair. The main difference between it a power wheelchair is that it is configured like a motor scooter. However, mobility scooters are basically cheaper, more customizable, and easier to transport than motor scooters.

Mobility Scooters

These scooters are constructed for people difficulties walking or moving around because of a handicap or disability. It is also worth mentioning that these scooters are ideal for people who are not yet at a level where they need a power wheelchair. While scooters are not quite expensive, a lot of people choose used mobility scooters because of the reduced prices, among other reasons.

Why should you buy used mobility scooters?

You have the option to purchase a new mobility scooter. However, a lot of people often opt for used alternatives. Below are some reasons why this is the case:

  • Buying used scooters costs less money than getting a new one. This is because the sellers are often just looking to get rid of their scooters as opposed to making a profit or recovering the money they used to get them.
  • Used scooters are also easier to customize
  • There are numerous places where you can buy used mobility scooters in Ireland and beyond.

The best places to buy used mobility scooters

Below are some of the best places to find used mobility scooters in Ireland, North America, and the UK in general.

Online stores

One of the primary benefits of the Internet is that it has made it easy for people to find and purchase a wide range of products without putting in too much effort. For instance, if you are looking for a used mobility scooter, all you have to do is search for the products on the Internet and find the best place to purchase it.

There are numerous platforms on the internet from where you can buy these products. The trick is to consider the type of product you wish to get and use that information to get the best product. If you choose to purchase the products from an online store, it would be wise to consider the delivery, return, and cancellation policies provided by the store.

Offline or physical stores

There are also numerous offline stores in different parts of Ireland. The easiest way to gain access to these stores is searching the internet or asking for recommendations from friends, family and acquaintances. You can always compare the offers by different stores to ensure that you are getting the best deals.

Factors to consider when choosing the best place to buy used mobility scooters

While there are numerous places to purchase these products, below are some factors you may want to consider;


The first thing you must consider is the authenticity of the store and its deals. The last thing you need is to get scammed by false deals, advertising, and products. When checking the authenticity of a product retailer or seller, the first thing you can do is check how long it has operated. It is always wiser to go for stores that have been in existence for a while. This helps build a sense of trust. It is also easier to find reviews for a store that has been around for a while than one that’s just popped up.

Customer reviews

The other thing you may want to consider is the store’s customer reviews. The internet features a wide range of platforms where you can read authentic customer reviews of different stores. More often than not, these reviews or testimonials tell you more about a seller or store than their official website. Therefore, you can trust a store that has numerous positive reviews.

Quality of the used scooters

When purchasing any used products, you must check their quality before you spend your money. This is especially important if you choose to purchase used scooters online. A lot of people use false images and do not represent the products in the most authentic light. Therefore, you end up paying for a product and not receiving what you expected. The trick would be to check the product before completing any deals. It would be better to visit the physical store so you can test the product and ensure that it meets your needs before closing the deal.

Returns and cancellation policies

Another factor to consider when choosing a place to purchase used mobility scooters is the returns and cancellation policies. When purchasing used products, you never know if their quality and performance is good or it can meet your standards and needs.

More often than not, after leaving the store, you realize that the product is not what you expected. For this reason, checking the returns and cancellation policies is paramount. It would be wise to understand the store’s returns and cancellation rules beforehand. This way, if the used scooter does not do it for you, you know what to do. It is often better to shop from a store that allows you to return the product and get a refund if it does not work for you.


In addition to all the factors listed above, it would help to also consider the price of the products. Naturally, a lot of people choose to get used or second-hand products because they are cheaper. Therefore, it would be wise to compare the prices of the used and the new products so you can know how much money you will be saving and if it is worth it.

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