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How A Power Wheelchair Can Benefit Your Life

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Power wheelchairs or electric wheelchairs provide a secure and effortless mobility solution for elderly and disabled persons. But aside from improving one’s mobility, what are the other benefits that it can offer? In this blog, we’ll give you the answer on how a power wheelchair can benefit your life. So, if you’re considering getting a power wheelchair but still unsure whether it’s a good move, then make sure to read on!

A power wheelchair is an upgraded version of a regular wheelchair. From the name itself, you can already conclude that a power wheelchair is more powerful – but that’s mainly because power wheelchairs are equipped with an electric motor that makes them perform better than a regular wheelchair.  Moreover, with a power wheelchair, the patient or the user can use it independently without help from his caregiver or nurse.

Power Wheelchair

Now, if you think that the electric wheelchair market is just a hype, then you’re plainly mistaken. In fact, according to Bloomberg, the electric wheelchair market will surpass US$ 2.9 billion by 2026.

Did we get your interest already? If yes, then let’s go back to our main topic. We’ve listed below the top 5 benefits that you can get when you buy a power wheelchair.

Top 5 Benefits of a Power Wheelchair

1.  Allows you to pass through challenging terrain

Generally speaking, a regular wheelchair is a good mobility aid for anyone who has difficulty walking. However, it becomes problematic when traversing through rough pathways and steep slopes. It’s even more challenging when your caregiver or nurse doesn’t have much power to push you wherever and whenever you want.

The good news is that – these things won’t be an issue with a power wheelchair. A power wheelchair can promise you a better performance so that you can ride it at all times, even on rugged terrain and uphill roads. Plus, with a power wheelchair, you’re no longer confined to short-distance strolls, which are highly dependent on the capability of your caregiver. Instead, you can go further around the neighborhood without the need for any assistance.

2.  Highly convenient and comfortable

The good thing about a power wheelchair is that it retained the portability of a regular wheelchair, so you’re sure you can easily take it with you when traveling from one place to another. Take note, however, that while there are sleek-looking and foldable power wheelchairs, there are also bulky ones designed to provide you with better comfort. For instance, you’ll find several power wheelchairs that come with a fully padded orthopedic seat, complete with headrest and armrests. So, if you’re looking for convenient and comfortable mobility equipment, power wheelchairs will certainly not disappoint.

3.  Eliminates manual effort

There are two ways of using a regular wheelchair, either have another person push the wheelchair or do it yourself. Both of these options are labor-intensive, which can be very tiring. From this point alone, it’s already apparent that without manual effort or assistance from another person, a regular wheelchair won’t move. On the other hand, power wheelchairs come with joystick control, so you’ll just have to navigate around these controls to move, making riding it a lot simpler and more manageable. So, if you want an easy-to-use mobility aid that you can use effortlessly, then I’d highly recommend investing in a power wheelchair.

4.  Safer option

Because power wheelchairs have electrical mechanism, you can expect that it comes with safety features like auto-brake and locking system to ensure your safety when riding it. And in terms of built, power wheelchairs are more heavy-duty, so you can be sure that they can fully support your weight even in prolonged seating. It’s also the reason why it’s safer to use, especially when going through rough terrain, unlike with a regular wheelchair, where there’s always a risk of tipping over when going through uneven surfaces.

5.  Better independence and quality of life

If you’re tired of depending on other people to assist you wherever you go, then having a power wheelchair will solve this problem. When you have a power wheelchair, you can go wherever you want on your own since you won’t need any assistance anymore. The best part is that you’ll feel a lot better about yourself since you’re taking your independence back.

Aside from independence, you’ll also be able to enjoy the outdoors better. There are power wheelchairs that are built specifically for outdoor adventures, so you can live your life the way you’ve always wanted it to be and not get stuck at home being babysit.

Is Buying a Power Wheelchair Worth it?

Now that you have a good understanding of the top benefits that you can get from a power wheelchair, we cannot find any reason why you should not upgrade your regular wheelchair. With a power wheelchair, you can have a more active lifestyle without sacrificing comfort, convenience, and safety.

Take note, however, that there are several factors that you need to consider in choosing the best electric wheelchairs.  If you don’t know where to start, check out the best power wheelchairs that you can get today.

By Trevor Fenner

About the author:

Trevor James is the founder and owner of Mobility Paradise, a one-stop shop for all kinds of mobility equipment. Years ago, Trevor’s grandma had an accident that made her dependent on a wheelchair; this forced Trevor and his family to put her into an elderly care facility. Since then, Trevor would visit her to take a walk around the neighborhood. Mobility Paradise was born out of Trevor’s frustration finding an online store that offers a wide selection of mobility equipment paired with suitable resource materials. What started as a business focusing on electric bikes grew to include all kinds of mobility products. You can shop for the most reliable mobility products at Mobility Paradise.

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