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5 Issues With Mail Order Teeth Aligners: Go See A Real Orthodontist Instead

by Melissa Bell
3 minutes read

Clear aligners are a wonderful choice for dental patients who don’t want traditional braces. In recent years, more companies have emerged that offer mail-order clear aligners. While the products may be great, the dental patients will not get the care they need during the program. Most mail-order services only provide the aligners and do not offer orthodontic care.

Teeth Aligners

1. Patients Aren’t Monitored By An Orthodontist

When purchasing clear aligners from a mail order service, the patient is not monitored by a licensed orthodontist. If the patient isn’t monitored, issues could arise and prevent the teeth from going into their proper position. The orthodontist can also decide when patients need tooth extractions. If the teeth are overcrowded, a mail-order product won’t correct the alignment properly, and a dental professional must remove some of the teeth. Patients who want to use clear aligners learn more by contacting the best orthodontist near me now.

2. The Aligners Aren’t Tailored to Meet Each Patient’s Needs

With mail-order products, the clear aligners are not tailored to meet the patient’s needs. The aligners are factory-made, but the company may not create new molds of the patient’s teeth at different stages of progression. This prevents the patients from getting products that are tailored to fit correctly, and the patient won’t get the proper services they need.

While some will get lucky, other patients may experience tooth damage because of the clear aligners. An orthodontist can ensure the clear aligners are the best fit for the patient at all stages of their progress.

3. Treatment Is Limited to Just the Aligners

Patients who participate in a mail-order teeth alignment program do not get additional services. They only get the clear aligners through the program. If they sustain tooth damage, the mail-order program will not cover the cost of tooth repairs. If the patient needs a tooth extraction because of damage, the mail-order service will have to make a new set of aligners. This could increase the costs for the patients.

4. It Could Cost More for the Patients Overall

When comparing the cost of the mail-order program to professional services, the patient could find that it is cheaper to go to an orthodontist. If the mail-order service makes a mistake, the costs are on the customer and not the service provider. If an orthodontist doesn’t get the right fit, they will not charge the patient for corrections. If any issues arise, the patient would need to see a dental professional, and they cannot get coverage for the services through a mail-order service.

5. The Impression Methods Aren’t Always Accurate

Mail-order teeth aligner programs use outdated practices to create the mold of the patient’s teeth. Unfortunately, the materials could become damaged inside the trays when they are mailed back to the service provider. The exterior temperatures and exposure to the elements could alter the shape of the mold. For these reasons, the impression won’t be accurate every time.

Clear aligners could provide dental patients with an alternative method for straightening their teeth. The aligners are less noticeable than traditional braces, and many patients prefer the products. Recently, many mail-order companies have presented options for patients to get clear aligners delivered to their homes.

While the services are convenient, the service providers cannot give dental patients the same level of care as an orthodontist. By reviewing certain drawbacks, dental patients can avoid mistakes and get a better smile.

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