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The Benefits Of Implementing a Health & Safety Plan In The Workplace

by Melissa Bell
3 minutes read

Every employer should be striving to create a safety conscious workforce and a workplace that staff want to come to every single day. Many employers complain that there are too many rules in place and it ends up costing them a lot of time and money over the course of a business year. This is the wrong way to look at things because if your staff are safe doing their work then there is less chance of them getting injured and so they will be taking less time off work to recover. It doesn’t matter if you are a small or large business enterprise because if you have a health and safety plan in place then this will help to empower your workforce, allow your business to expand and grow and it will reduce workplace incidences.

All businesses should be taking steps to set up an Injury prevention program and if you are not aware of what steps that you need to take to do this very thing then luckily for you there are service providers out there that can tell you exactly what you need to put into place. Before you start complaining about the costs of doing such things maybe you need to understand the benefits that a proper injury prevention program and health and safety program can provide you.

  • A reduction in sick days – Your staff will hurt themselves at work if you don’t have an injury prevention program in place and so in order for them to recover properly, they need to take sick days off, get a good night’s sleep and you’re going to have to pay them for this time even though they are not in the workplace. It makes a lot more sense than to put things into place to prevent such accidents from happening and that means that staff will be taking less days off as a direct result.
  • You get better employees – Believe it or not but people outside your business and you get to hear about the health and safety programs and injury prevention programs that you put in place. If you haven’t taken the steps to do anything then this will affect your reputation and so when you advertise for available positions, you may find that you’re not getting the right kind of applicants. This is because people want to feel safe at work and they feel that you don’t value them then they will apply for a job elsewhere.
  • Productivity levels go up – It makes perfect sense that if your staff are not taking days off sick as a result of a workplace injury then the going to be there working at their optimum and this will have a knock-on effect for your production levels. Everything in business is all about productivity and increasing profits and if your staff are experiencing less injuries at work then it is clear that their stress levels will be a lot lower as well their anxiety levels as well.

Hopefully these three reasons can point you in the right direction when it comes to setting up an injury prevention program and a clear health and safety program as well.

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