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8 Ways to Drink More Water Every Day

by Melissa Bell
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You have probably heard of the various benefits that come with drinking more than eight glasses of water each day. If you have, this means that you also know about the risks that may arise if you fail to reach this target. Although this information is already available in the public domain, many people still find it hard to achieve this target.

People come up with very many reasons as to why they are unable to drink the recommended amount of water each day. But the good news is that there is a way out of this situation. You can use the following eight tricks to help you drink the recommended amount.

1. Infuse Your Drinking Water

There are many instances when water tends to be just plain and boring. At such a time, you may lack the motivation required for you to drink a glass of water after every few hours, as it is just not delicious enough for you. It is the reason why you should consider infusing the water with vegetables, herbs, and fruits. Infusing the water will make it delicious, and it will make you want to reach for it every few hours. In addition, you also get to enjoy the benefits that come with consuming nutrients from the vegetables and fruits.

2. Acquire a Good Water Bottle

It is always a good decision to ensure that your shopping list includes a good water bottle. Here, you will need to pick a bottle that you will feel comfortable carrying with you—it should be a bottle that you will ultimately feel inclined to make use of. Make sure that it is a big bottle. Carrying a fancy water bottle with you every time you head out means that you will always have water close by. Having custom bottled water within reach is a good reminder that you have to keep drinking it.

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3. Add Some Spices to Your Diet

Adding spices to your food is always a great way for you to aid your digestion, boost your metabolism, and most importantly, they make you want to reach for water. However, you need to be careful when adding spices to your food. You should not add more spices than you can handle, as this will undermine goal of this entire exercise.

4. Consume Foods that are Rich in Water

You should note that the human body does not only get its water from what one chooses to drink. It also gets it from the foods that one is consuming. You can be able to meet a portion of your daily water target by eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in water, e.g., lettuce, cantaloupe, celery, watermelons, eggplant, kiwis, tomatoes, grapes, and cucumber.

5. Use Smart Substitution

Substitution is a great way for you to attain your daily water intake. You can always substitute a small portion of your set target with healthy choices, e.g., herbal teas, coconut water, fruit juices, lemonade, and maple water. These are choices that will ensure that your body is not only hydrated, but that it is receiving the vitamins and nutrients that it needs. Of course, you should note that sweet laden drinks, alcohol, and sodas are not the ideal substitutes.

6. Become Competitive

Human beings like being competitive. Competitions help them achieve set goals, especially when they know that there is a reward awaiting them if they emerge winners or perform extremely well. You can do the same with your water intake.

For this, you would need to set a goal indicating the total amount of time you would like to have taken by a certain time of the day, e.g., midday. If you achieve this goal, you can choose to reward yourself with something that you like. Additionally, you could choose to hold friendly competitions with friends or work colleagues aimed at determining who will take more water in a given day.

To ensure that you meet your goal, or to keep track of the amount of water that you have taken, you will need to keep a record. For this, you can use an app installed on your phone to make sure that your records are accurate.

7. Try to Start and End Each Day with a Glass of Water

A great way to boost your digestive system would be to start and end each day with a glass of water. To make sure that this routine will not become boring or tedious for you to follow, try and infuse this water with lime and honey. If you are on medication, you can use this infused water to take the pills. You would, however, need to set a reminder to make sure that you will not forget to take the water in the morning and in the evening before heading to bed.

8. Try and Get Creative

Making popsicles at home will be another way for you to try and meet your daily water intake targets. For popsicles, you can always choose to make them in your preferred flavor to guarantee that you will not lose interest in them. Popsicles will usually come in handy during the warm summer days.

Devour these popsicles on the sunny days, and get to meet your set target. Alternatively, you can start using a straw to drink your water instead of drinking it straight from the glass. Try and find a crazy fun straw the next time that you are out shopping to encourage you to keep sipping. Also, it is much easier for you to sip in more water at a go, as opposed to gulping in a similar amount. You will, therefore, probably end-up drinking more water in a day without even realizing it.

Bonus Tip: Drink a Glass of Water After Each Bathroom Break

You can start a habit of linking water intake with some of the activities you perform each day. For instance, getting up from your work desk to take a bathroom break? Why not stop by the kitchen and down a glass of water after you are done with your break. Also, if you find yourself passing by the office water cooler, take a few minutes and fill up a cup. These tips will make it easier for you to achieve your daily water intake target.

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