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Top Reasons to Consider Truvada for HIV Prevention

by Melissa Bell
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There are a number of ways to protect yourself against HIV. From condoms to medications, none of these tools are 100% effective, but some do boast prevention rates of 99 percent. If you are looking to guard yourself against HIV, Truvada for PrEP can serve as one of your most effective forms of protection.

A Long History of Effectiveness

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Although Truvada has recently gained popularity as an HIV prevention tool, it has actually been in use for over a decade. Truvada consists of two medications, tenofovir and emtricitabine. It works by blocking reverse transcriptase, an enzyme that HIV uses to reproduce. This medication has a two-fold benefit: It can prevent the HIV virus, as well as suppress HIV in people who already have it.

Extremely Effective

Truvada for PrEP is exceptionally effective in preventing HIV, even among those who are considered at high risk of contracting the virus. This includes intravenous drug users who share syringes with one another. When taking daily and as recommended, Truvada reduces your chances of contracting HIV by 99 percent.

It’s Affordable With Insurance

Just like many medications, Truvada is very expensive. If you don’t have insurance, it’s highly recommended that you shop for a policy because the drug costs about $1,300 a month. With insurance, though, the drug becomes much more affordable, with most insurance companies covering at least a portion of its cost. Insurance companies would rather pay for the medication than pay for the cost of treating someone with HIV. If you don’t have insurance or struggle with paying your co-pay, make sure to look into various payment assistance programs for Truvada.

It’s for Women, Too

Truvada is commonly associated with men. However, this medication works effectively for both men and women. In a recent study, it was discovered that PrEP knowledge among women was low, especially among Latina and African-American women.

It’s important to note that out of all new HIV cases among women, 62 percent of the diagnoses belong to African-American women. These women are often at a higher risk for HIV because of where they live. When a woman lives in an HIV hot spot area, her odds of exposure are increased. With Truvada for PrEP, it becomes possible for women of all races to reduce their chances of contracting HIV.

Safe Way to Conceive a Child

Many people think Truvada is only for those who are in a homosexual relationship. The truth is, this medication can be of the utmost help to couples in heterosexual relationships, too. Currently, if an uninfected woman is with an infected man and the two want to have a baby together, there is only one safe way to do this. The couple would have to go through the process of “sperm washing,” which is extremely complicated and expensive. With Truvada, it becomes possible to avoid the process of sperm washing.

Truvada for PrEP has already helped thousands of people. If you’re looking for an effective way to protect yourself against HIV, make sure to speak to your doctor about Truvada and its many benefits. You can also take advantage of companies like Nurx that specialize in telemedicine. Telemedicine companies make it simple to access medications using the internet.

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