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9 Reasons to Give Up Your Micellar Water for Hydrophilic Oil

by Melissa Bell
7 minutes read

If you do makeup, you obviously need a good makeup remover. The choice of the product depends on your makeup routine, quality, and properties of the cosmetic products you use and the individual conditions of your skin. Perhaps you’ve tried at least several products for makeup removal that may be good in their main task (removing makeup from your face), but you may have noticed that your skin feels differently after you use them.

Some make your skin feel dry and uncomfortable and some don’t. Sometimes you may notice that the product your BFF had praised so much didn’t work well for you and vice versa. It’s because all bodies are unique and each skin has its own needs. If it doesn’t like any cosmetic product you use, it will react with dryness, redness, discomfort or even an allergic reaction.

Today micellar water is the leader on the market of makeup removers. Many women believe it’s the best product for makeup removal that has ever existed. But today, when the trends of all-organic, ethic, and eco-friendly cosmetic products reign in our culture, there are many questions regarding this product, and we don’t like the answers.

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Facts About Micellar Water That Will Surprise You

This product claims to be gentle to your skin, remove makeup effectively without overdrying it. They even recommend you not to wash it away. Advertisers and influencers financed by big cosmetic brands won’t tell you the truth about micellar water but we will.

Micellar Water Doesn’t Fully Remove Your Makeup

You can perform a small test with your micellar water if you use it. Use it as you always do and then take a wet cotton pad (you can use water or facial tonic you usually use) and wipe your face afterward. You will see the traces of your makeup micellar water failed to remove completely.

You Can’t Leave Micellar Water on Your Face

This product leaves a thin film on your face that blocks air and provokes the blockage of pores. Now we also know that there are traces of unremoved makeup, and your face stays covered with this mix. People who are likely to have acne should be especially careful (teenagers or women who have PCOS) or who have oily skin. Ironically, micellar water is the most popular among them because they believe its watery texture is better for their skin rather than other thicker products.

It’s Not Even Micellar!

On the Internet, you can find a lot of information about what micellar water is. It’s explained with the use of information that looks relevant for people who are not into biochemistry. However, here you can read how a real scientist explains it and what can hide under the attractive and wannabe-scientific cover.

Why Hydrophilic Oil Is Better?

Maybe your mother or grandma told you stories about the times when they were young and the cosmetic industry wasn’t as developed as today but they wanted to be beautiful. Women used creams or vegetable oil to remove makeup. How did it work? The fats that dissolve cosmetics, even if it’s waterproof mascara.

Hydrophilic oil was acknowledged by Asian women long ago. It contains a fatty basis that is able to dissolve even the most resistible makeup. Other ingredients take care of your skin according to its needs because hydrophilic oils, like any other products, should be chosen according to your skin type.

This product may scare people with oily skin because they are afraid to add more fat to their face. However, it’s not just a basic oil. It turns into an emulsion when you apply it on your fingers and it doesn’t work as an oily substance that covers your face and doesn’t let it breathe. Usual oils don’t mix with water but this one does. It dissolves makeup effectively, gently moisturizes your face and removes extra sebum that the oily skin produces.

What Will You Get With Hydrophilic Oil?

There are many benefits of hydrophilic oil and they will definitely make you think of trying it. You will have much more than just an excellent makeup removal.

  1. It removes all your makeup effectively and doesn’t leave stains. You also don’t have to rub your skin hard while removing it as you do with micellar water. You apply oil and it starts working by itself, all you need to do is just wipe it off gently.
  2. It is compatible with ubtan, an Ayurvedic multifunctional facial powder which is a hot trend now. This combination is perfect for dry, combined, and aging skin. For oily skin, you should mix ubtan with clear water.
  3. Hydrophilic oil has a neutral pH and doesn’t interfere with your skin’s balance.
  4. It is more natural than micellar water, though sometimes it can contain mineral oil which is an artificial fat. You can cook your own hydrophilic oil or look for manufacturers that make all-natural versions.
  5. It helps make the skin color smooth and even and gives you a fresher and healthier look.
  6. Hydrophilic oils for aging skin help get rid of tiny wrinkles and make you look younger when combined with other facial products for your age. However, you should understand that it won’t work as a botox injection, and no cosmetic product ever will.
  7. Despite the fears of women who have oily skin, it won’t make your skin produce more sebum. It won’t block your pores or trigger inflammation of your skin. On the contrary, it will help remove the excess oil and dirt from your face.
  8. You won’t feel that your skin is dry after you use it. But if your skin is usually super dry and requires extra moisturizing, this can happen if you don’t choose hydrophilic oil for dry skin. If your skin is combined, you should also choose oil for combined skin, not for dry or oily skin.
  9. You can not only use hydrophilic oil to remove your makeup but you can also wash your face with it even if you don’t wear makeup. It can work as a gentle facial wash that takes care of your skin after or before sleep.

Important Things About Hydrophilic Oil

If you are an actress or any other media-person that works with professional or theatrical makeup, maybe hydrophilic oil will not be enough to remove it. Products for such makeup may have different properties and require special professional products to remove them.

Although hydrophilic oil moisturizes your face, it’s not enough to go to without your cream for day and night. Its moisturizing qualities are focused on not letting your skin get too dry while washing it, not to nourish it throughout the entire day or night.

In addition, as any cosmetic product, any of its components may become allergic triggers to people who are exposed to allergies. This is why you should first test it on a small piece of skin and look at how the skin reacts to it.

Hydrophilic oils can be not only for the face but also for skin and even for intimate hygiene. However, the oils should be applied according to the instructions. You shouldn’t wash your face with oil that was created to wash other body parts. Regardless of what you want to wash using hydrophilic oil, it’s a product you should definitely try!

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