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The top 5 medical careers that recent graduates should consider choosing

by Melissa Bell
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There’s no doubt when we say that health care is one of the fastest-growing groups of occupations in the nation, as per recent statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Advancements in medical technology, the aging baby boomer demographic, and heightened life expectancy have all contributed to this bright outlook. BLS predicts that one-third of the new job opportunities that will be designed through 2026 will be in the field of health care.

Don’t just believe in what we write, let the numbers and data speak for themselves. Here is a list of the best healthcare careers that you can choose if you’re a recent graduate. From choosing a medical radiographer role to an emergency nurse, there are a plethora of options available. Let’s check them out.

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The median annual wage of a registered nurse is around $80,000. Qualified candidates need a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree to be eligible for this job. You may also need a nursing license. Registered nurses work in collaboration with the patient and his family, offer them emotional support and ensure they get the proper care. Registered nurses usually work at any place where there is a patient who needs medical treatment, whether nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, or even schools. The education level required usually varies from one organization to another.


Jobs in health care consulting teams usually earn the highest as compared to various other sectors, even with regards to health care. The salaries offered in the health care consulting sector usually offer the highest pay, especially to full-time MBA graduates, as per data by the premium-ranked B-schools. Graduates who pursue health care consulting receive an average salary of $126,919, which is higher than those who took a job as a health care employer. This is probably the reason why more than 25% of MBA students pursue a career as a health care consultant.


Their median annual wage is around $38,560 and you need a state-approved education program to be eligible for this job. There is a 14% growth in employment from 2016 to 2026. The certified nursing assistants are often given the name of ‘nursing aides’ or ‘orderlies’, who often work in hospitals and nursing homes to offer basic care to the dependent and elderly people. Nursing assistants bathe and dress patients, serve them timely meals, check for signs of disease, and give them timely medicines. CNAs usually have the highest contact with their patients.


The median annual wage of a medical laboratory technician is $51,880 and you need a bachelor’s or associate degree to become a laboratory technician. There are a few states that also need a license for becoming one. There is a predicted employment growth of 14%. Medical lab techs test and analyze body fluids, tissue, and blood samples. They even work with all kinds of lab equipment, log data, perform tests and discuss the findings of the tests with the physicians. They work under the supervision of a lab technologist.


The average median pay of a medical transcriptionist is $35,980 per annum and a candidate needs a postsecondary non-degree award as entry-level education. There were 53,000 jobs created in 2020. The job of the medical transcriptionists is to listen to the voice recordings that health care workers and physicians make and translate them into written reports.

Most medical transcriptionists work for doctor’s offices, hospitals, and third-party service companies that outsource their transcriptions. You need to have a clear understanding of medical terminology, physiology, anatomy, word-processing software, and English grammar. However, there is a prediction that the employment of medical transcriptionists might decline by 8% from 2020 to 2030.

Therefore, if you’re someone who has been thinking of setting up a career in the medical field, consider all the above-listed career opportunities.

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