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The Fascinating History Of Yogurt

by Melissa Bell
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Yogurt today is a tasty, healthy and adaptable food that goes with a variety of dishes and often stars as the main attraction for many of them. But how exactly was yogurt invented and was it even intentional? The applications of yogurt and its ever-evolving taste over time truly are fascinating. Many don’t even know the complicated but rewarding history of yogurt and that it dates back to thousands of years ago.


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This article is dedicated to the rich history of yogurt which includes the accident that created it and the use of yogurt as it progressed through time. Reading about history may seem dull for some and entertaining for others. Though this specific history is both very entertaining to read through and equally knowledgeable to know. Apart from facts and figures, there were many interesting rumors spread out about yogurt and the rise of dairy products worldwide is also somewhat credited to yogurt.

Yogurt In Ancient Times

Yogurt originated from the Turkish word “yogurmak“ which directly translates to “thicken“ and was thought to have been used in Turkey for a long time before being commercialized and readily produced. In fact, Europe and Asia also made use of yogurt. The consumption of yogurt is actually dated to have been as far back as 5000BC and could have been produced by the sun souring the milk naturally.

Yogurt back then was called many names and oftentimes different countries had a unique name for it. In India, it was known as “Dahi“ while in Russia and Japan it was called “Matsoni“. Soon with time, more and more people started to realize the benefits that yogurt provided and how it could be used for other purposes as well.

Application Of Yogurt Overtime

As the popularity of yogurt grew, so did the use for it, and before long entire communities were utilizing it in unique ways.

Storing Milk

One of the first services that yogurt supplied was the ability to preserve milk. Back then it was almost impossible to transport milk over long distances; however, people soon learned that preserving it via yogurt was also a viable option. Some even preferred to house yogurt before it was consumed as a way to store and increase the longevity of milk.

As A Beauty Product

Even in old times, yogurt had applications related to skincare and beauty. Greece was one of the first places to embrace the use of yogurt as skincare and product which added to its ongoing popularity. Yogurt was known to help clear up the skin and unclog pores and was often also used as a moisturizer.

Medical Benefits

Back then, yogurt was deemed a highly beneficial food to our bodies. The high amount of protein and a large number of nutrients made it a go-to for many people who were ill. Some accounts say that consumption further increased because yogurt would boost the energy levels up after eating it.

Famous Yogurt Anecdotes

The benefits of yogurt and the utilities it provided were also taken advantage of by many famous people throughout history. This would further increase its popularity and lead to more detailed research being done on yogurt.

Genghis Khan

Yogurt was regularly offered by Genghis Khan to his soldiers and was seen as a staple and bringer of bravery. The founder of the Mongol Empire believed that yogurt energized his soldiers and made them braver.


A Mughal emperor, Akbar, made sure that yogurt was included in most diets adopted by people. His cooks were advised to make use of yogurt as much as possible in the dishes they prepared.

King Francoise I

The famous king from France was struck by a very serious disease that was incurable by French doctors. Having traveled to finally get cured, the king was fed yogurt and this was thought to be what cured his disease. This good news was carried by him and spread throughout France and wherever he went furthering the acceptance of yogurt.

The Production of Yogurt

Yogurt was widely used in households and not avidly produced up until 1904 when the benefits of yogurt medically were officially recognized by Stamen Grigorov. These benefits also mentioned yogurt as a significant aid to many hard to bear diseases and it was then that the popularity skyrocketed. Finally, in 1919, yogurt started commercial production and was shipped to be available in pharmacies to be used for medical purposes.

How Yogurt Is Used Presently

At present, yogurt is produced by the fermentation of milk and offers a wide variety of types to choose from. Different flavors and tastes are the reason that yogurt resonates with almost everybody. Yogurt is also recognized as a highly tasty food with superb physical and mental advantages on top of its taste.

It is produced commercially worldwide and the popularity of yogurt does not decline significantly as it is considered a necessary food for many dishes. In the production process, newer ingredients can be added to change its taste. After production is complete, usually packaging comes next and many companies prefer investing in yogurt containers wholesale from a trusted supplier to save on costs. After this entire process, it is shipped to grocery stores to the consumers.


Yogurt is no doubt consumed in almost every household in today’s world however its rise to fame and recognition was nothing short of impressive. No one could have imagined that a dish made by the sun naturally souring the milk would be considered vital in the future. Yet here we are enjoying the practical benefits and the vibrant flavors of yogurt.

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