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Why You Should Take Up Cycling In 2021

by Melissa Bell
4 minutes read

The past year and a half has given many of us pause for thought when it comes to our fitness and mental wellbeing. With lots of people losing their jobs or working from home, the change in our day-to-day activities has brought with it the threat of a more sedentary lifestyle. Finding new ways to stay active or keep our minds focused is key to improving our quality of life.

Today, there is over 48 million cyclists in the USA. This number has increased over the past few years and is growing ever higher. So, what is the big draw to cycling? Why should you consider getting a pair of wheels in 2021?

Bicycle city road

Mental Health

Being aware of our mental wellbeing in the modern world has become essential. Taking care of ourselves by getting a good sleeping pattern, sharing our feelings, seeking help when we need it, and getting the right amount of exercise in our day are all imperative to a positive and healthy mind. Cycling has been well documented as one of the top activities that can reduce mental health burdens.

Feeling healthy and productive can elicit endorphin rushes which will ultimately make you feel happier. Getting out on your bike will also help to fight the feeling of being stuck in doors, especially during this year of quarantines and working from home. Physical exercise, especially cardio workouts like running and cycling can have a significant effect on our levels of anxiety too.

Tackling your anxiety with a great ride on a bicycle can help to not only boost your confidence but reduce your risks of succumbing to panic attacks. Tying into the physical benefits, getting into good shape can help to offset our self-esteem issues which will only serve to boost our outlook on life.

While just getting the blood pumping helps greatly, studies have shown that getting your exercise outside amidst nature and other people was associated with feeling revitalized and less depressed overall.

Health And Fitness

The physical benefits to cycling are numerous. Regular use of a bicycle can improve your stamina and aerobic fitness, especially over prolonged periods. It also builds your leg strength and your core.

Try taking on some harder routes like mountain trails and uphill streets. You’ll also find that getting your workout whilst being productive such as going to work or heading to the store helps you to save some time during your day.

Finding the motivation to workout for the sake of it is ideal but, let’s face it, can be a huge challenge. These health benefits are well attributed to living longer and happier lives. Velosurance’s report on cycling for longevity covers the main reasons as to why we should be seriously considering taking our bikes out to significantly improve our lifespans.

Environmental Impact

Reducing your use of cars is one of the best ways of helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Choosing to cycle to work or to the store not only helps to keep you healthy, but the planet too.

Getting on your bike for these essential journeys where possible cuts down greenhouse gas emissions and reduces your contribution to global climate change, it reduces pollutants in the air, especially those around cities, and it helps to combat noise pollution and traffic congestion too.

The more people that start to cycle instead of jumping in the car whenever they need to make a short trip will begin to have a greatly positive impact on the planet. It will also decrease the need for more parking lots, opening up more space to potentially build and preserve green areas.

Economic Benefits

Getting a bike can be an expensive purchase, at least, if you’re investing in a high quality or specialized one. But many people choose to switch to cycling to improve their finances too.

Saving money on gas is probably the best reason to get a bike when considering your money situation. It’s reported that the average cost of gas per month is around $250.

This obviously depends on your lifestyle but with that you must consider whether you’re paying for your car via finance or as a lease too. On top of that you will be paying for your car insurance (hopefully) which averages out at over $900 per annum too.

On top of your own savings, cycling is delivering huge benefits to local economies. A boost in bike sales makes for more stores and employees, local cycling tourism sees more people paying for lodging and food, and often, cyclists generally have more money to spend on local businesses due to their reduced monthly outgoings.

So not only are you helping your own bank account by switching four wheels for two, but you’re also helping the planet and your local community.

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