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5 Health Apps That Will Help You Ditch Your Dietician

by Melissa Bell
6 minutes read

We live a fuller, healthier life as a result of the food we consume. It affects more than just weight, but also mood, mental health, behaviors, and quality of life. This is the reason people living in different regions behave differently, and have different responses and diseases ratio.

Now that health professionals are moving people towards precautionary health measures, they are convincing people to consult dieticians. However, not everyone can afford professional services. Apart from cost, you cannot have your dietician with you everywhere. This is where tech companies took the initiative to introduce health apps for everyone.


Most the health apps now come equipped with real-time features like community interaction, live videos, and barcode scanning. This allows you to scan the barcode of the product for nutrition breakdown before making a purchase. However, since barcode scanning works in real-time, you cannot compromise on the speed of the internet, or you will be stuck in the store scanning the same product. For this we recommend, Optimum internet formerly Suddenlink Internet. With up to 940 Mbps speed, no data cap, and access to millions of hotspots, you can stay connected anytime, anywhere.

5 Health Apps That Will Help You Ditch Your Dietician

With such high demand for a nutrition-based application, a quality check is very important. Either most of the apps available have limited features, faulty databases, or they are far too expensive. These issues only add to the confusion.

Here are some of the best health apps that can help you easily replace a dietician:

1-MyPlate Calorie Counter

Available on: Android and iOS

Price: Free with limited features

Best for: Counting calories and keeping track of the calorie intake per day

Standout features: Net calorie tracker, daily calorie counter, nutrient list per meal, workout, and water log

Most people find it hard to follow a strict diet because of the tough routine, and availability of food. Therefore, they like to adjust their meals on the go. If they take a high-calorie meal in the morning, they usually adjust it by reducing the calorie count throughout the day. MyPlate Calorie Counter helps you track down the calorie count of your meal on the go. It calculates the number of calories, and then offers a nutrition breakdown into fiber content, sodium, sugar, and cholesterol.

Even when you go shopping, you can scan the barcode to check the nutrients and other details of the food. Moreover, the app also offers details about the net calorie per day or week along with the water intake and exercise. The best thing about the app is the live community setting and easy recipe tracking so you can monitor what you eat.


Available on: Android and iOS

Price: 7-day free trial and $59 per month

Best for: Learning about food and nutrients

Standout features: Food priority feature, group coaching and personal coaching for the food plan, and support group for healthy eating

Noom is a complete learning app that will help you learn the fundamentals of eating so; you can stay mindful of everything you consume. Moreover, the app does not restrict food items; instead, adjusts the recommended quantity of the food item based on the requirement of the body. This eventually helps in long-term behavioral change. Noom is a learning app so; you can get to know about the quantity, meal quality, and mealtime.

In addition, if you have any disease i.e. heart conditions or arthritis; this app will help you manage your disease with food. By using this app, you will not be skipping anything; instead, you will be fixing the quantity only. The best thing about the app is that it will turn you into a dietician offering you details about each food and the things to eat.


Available on: Android and iOS

Price: Free

Best for: Accurate nutritional information straight from the packaging

Standout features: Easy food tracking, meal preparation, saving recipes, tips for preparing food, goal-oriented meal plan, calorie tracking, and suggesting

This app is a full nutrient-tracking app that will help you shop for the right food. With over 11 million items in a database, you can easily track the food item you are about to buy and get a breakdown of calories, ingredients, and nutrients with just one scan. The app further helps with meal prep, so you can save the recipes you like, and then get the list of food you need to buy.

Myfitnesspal also comes with a live support feature; direct help from professionals, an eating pattern tracker, a meal planner, and a food priority section. The database of the app is vast and it is connected with more than 50 other apps for authenticity and verification.

  • LifeSum

Available on: Android and iOS

Price: Free with limited features

Best for: Tracking food intake based on personal choices

Standout features: Customized diet-based program for a high protein diet, ketogenic diet, paleo diet, and intermittent fasting style diet

LifeSum is a full self-care nutritional tracking app that helps in teaching the individual about food tracking. It comes with a calorie counter feature for checking the quality of food as you shop for the best option. By just scanning the code of the product you are about to buy, you will get detail about the nutrients and more. Apart from this, the app also offers 12 different diet categories including the organic diet, high protein diet, ketogenic diet, paleo diet, and intermittent fasting.

Moreover, you can also track the workout routine, get a workout plan, and keep a tab on the required water intake, and sleep cycle. For people who are still learning to cook, the app also offers step-by-step recipes that you can follow.

5-Food Intolerances

Available on: Android and iOS

Price: Free with limited features

Best for: Dealing with food intolerance, food allergies, and specific diets

Standout features: Complete information about the reasons, symptoms, and issues related to lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, fructose malabsorption, sorbitol allergy, and low FODMAP for IBS

A medical survey by food insight claims that more than 10 percent of the global population has food allergies or food tolerance issues. For people who have food allergies or any kind of food tolerance issue, this app is perfect for them.

The app offers details about some of the common food allergies like gluten sensitivity, lactose intolerance, sorbitol sensitivity, and more. This app guides people to eat the right food with over 1000 food-restricted items and a shopping list for those with food allergies.

Wrap Up

App store and play store are cultured with thousands of nutrients, and food tracking apps, however, only a few have the right database to support all the queries. The apps listed above cover all the essentials of nutrition tracking and offer authentic information.




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