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How Much Calories Should Women Eat to Lose Weight?

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The realization that you might need to consider weight loss strategies is a critical moment in anyone’s life and a sign that you need to alter some of things in your life. When talking about effectively losing weight and not gaining it right back, the bottom line is – you must control the amount of calories you intake, no way around it. Reducing the amount of calorie intake is an essential process in achieving your weight loss goals.

As you reduce the amount of calories you intake, you should also consider regular workouts that will aid the burning of excess calories already inside your body. Next we’ll talk about the daily recommended amount of calories for several profiles of women.

Moderately Active Women

Moderately active women are those who engage in simple exercises. In most cases, the exercises can be an equivalent to walking for about 1.5 to 3 miles on a daily basis. For a better weight management, such women will need about 16 calories for every pound of body weight, each day.

This, therefore, implies that a woman of about 120-pounds needs up to 1920 calories every day. On the other hand, for healthy weight control, you need an approximate of 1,800 to 2,200 calories daily.

Active Women

Active women are those who do exercises equivalent to walking more than 3.0 miles a day. For such women to maintain the weight in a healthy manner, they need about 2,000 to 2,400 calories per day. One recommended tool when managing your weight is the calorie counter watch, which monitors your activities (read more calorie counter watch). Speaking in terms of pounds, the active woman needs about 18 calories for every pound of body weight. This totals to 2,160 calories every day for 120-pound woman to become or remain fit and healthy.

Obese Women

Are you overweight and trying to cut some pounds? For a better weight loss management, you need to ensure that you lower the amount of calorie intake. An average of 1,000 to 1,600 calorie diet is advisable for the obese and overweight for an easy weight loss management. In order to lose weight faster, you can always lower your calorie intake, but before you go below 1,000 calories consult your doctor to make sure your diet and calorie intake plan is right for you. One effective tool for the very obese to estimate their calorie intake is by multiplying their desirable weight by 10. With this, you will be able to simply calculate and manage your weight for a fitter and healthier body. You can also use the sports watches for women in case you want to engage in various workout routines.

Sedentary Women

Sedentary women or inactive women are those who don’t engage in daily exercises, besides the day to day activities around the house or in the office. In order for such a woman to estimate her individualized calorie intake, she needs to multiply her body weight by 13. For a better weight loss results, it is recommended that they take up to 1,600 to 2,000 calories per day.

When to Burn More Calories

In order to hit your weight loss goals, you need to take about 1,200 calories every day. This needs to be combined with exercises. One needs to aim for about 400 to 800 calories each time or 600 to 1,000 for those who are overweight. As you include exercises in your weight management, you can to use the calorie counter watch for tracking your activities.

Calories for Weight Gain

Apart from losing weight, some women also use calorie estimates to aid in increasing their weight. For a better weight gain for the underweight, it is recommended to take about 1600 calories every day. This means that you need to aim for about 430 to 435 calories per meal.

These simple tips can guide you on your way to manage your weight by careful calorie intake control. While this method isn’t for everyone calorie counting can be an effective tool to achieve your optimal weight. By using calorie counter watches or sports watches for women, you can further facilitate your weight loss goals.

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