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Hair Care Tips for Beautiful Hair

by Melissa Bell
4 minutes read

You already know that you need to trim your hair every 6-8 weeks and you visit your hairstylist regularly, so what’s left to know or do more in order to have a better hair? Quite a lot, to be honest, and the little time you invest in taking better care of your hair will pay back handsomely in the long run.

You can spend a lot of money trying to make your hair look thick and lush and shiny, but it can still be difficult to figure out which products are worth buying, or how to properly use them. By adopting a few habits – and changing a few more, you can do right by your hair and it’ll certainly do right by you.

Washing Your Hair

Washing your hair the right way is especially important if you have long hair. Try brushing through your hair first before wetting it with warm water. Avoid using hot water, as it can remove natural oils the glands in your scalp produce which are essential for healthy hair.

Washing your hair too often can lead to the same problem – making your hair dry and brittle. This is also true for colored hair. Don’t shampoo daily, just rinse and condition the hair every other day as shampoo can wash out the color. Water-only rinse will take away salt and sweat without removing hair oils. Most hairdressers recommend washing your hair two times per week, maybe three if you have a very oily hair.

After your hair is wet, apply shampoo on your palms first and try to make a bit of foam before you put it on your hair. Now gently massage the shampoo into the roots of the hair and moving from the ears to the back of the head. Once shampoo is evenly applied throughout, rinse your hair with warm water and wash again if needed.

If you are having difficulty scaling back the amount of times you wash your hair, invest in some dry shampoo. Dry shampoo will refresh your hair at the roots and the tips while allowing you to retain the essential moisture your hair needs.

Applying Conditioner

You should always use a conditioner after shampooing. In fact, this stage could be even more important than the shampoo stage.  If you have a curly and textured hair, go for deep condition, as it adds moisture and strength to your hair.

Before you apply the conditioner, make sure you towel-dry your hair. If you don’t, the conditioner will have a hard time delivering the necessary moisture to keep your hair looking full and shiny. When applying the conditioner, avoid the roots and focus on the ends. If you add conditioner on the roots it can make your hair greasier.

After regular conditioning, thoroughly rinse your hair, first with warm water and afterwards with cold. Continue by gently towel-drying your hair, moving from the roots to the ends.

Brushing Your Hair

For a hair to look healthy and shiny, it needs regular brushing. It’s best to brush your hair twice per day – once in the morning and then once again before going to bed, about a minute each time.

When your hair is wet, it is very delicate and susceptible to breaking, which is why you should avoid brushing or styling wet hair.  Let your hair dry first by gently pressing the water out with a towel.

Always brush your hair from the bottom up. Brushing from the roots will cause damage so start from the ends, untangle where necessary and work your way up.

Use different brushes for blow-drying and styling and keep them clean (oil and product build-up can be a breeding ground for bacteria).


Washing your hair, applying conditioner, drying and brushing properly are at the heart of a healthy and beautiful hair. By avoiding the sun, keeping the blow drier at a distance from your hair and using protective treatments you can improve your hair further still. If you haven’t, give dry shampoo a try, too. A little extra attention and your hair can bring you personal satisfaction and get you noticed.


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