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A Few Good Reasons to Start Your Day with a Glass of Lemon and Honey

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There are many recipes out there that promise to boost your health, but why not give a chance to a traditional recipe, something that has proved its benefits time and again. This recipe does not require rare ingredients or some ancient technique for preparation. It is just a simple mixture of water, honey, lemon and a bit of ginger! Very simple to prepare and a taste to match, this drink has several advantages to offer. It is both a superb health drink that can help you to start your day fresh and ready and a great medicine in fly season.

Before we talk about the health advantages, let us first explain the process of preparing this simple drink.

What you need?

  • Lemon;
  • Organic honey;
  • Water;
  • And ginger, especially when with fly.

How to prepare?

  • Take a glass of water and heat it to the point when water is hot to touch;
  • Add juice of half a lemon, 1-2 teaspoon of honey and stir;
  • Cut a bit of ginger (per your tastes) into small pieces and add them into the glass;
  • Leave the ginger for 10 minutes inside the glass then remove it;
  • Your drink is ready to serve.

You can partake in this drink first thing in the morning and get all of its benefits. And drink soon as it will lose some of its vital health benefits if it’s allowed to stand for longer time. If you skip the ginger you can even drink as you prepare.

Health Advantages

Some of the important health benefits that you can expect by regularly consuming this drink are:

Fat Loss – This is one of the most popular health advantages of lemon and honey water. Drinking a glass full of lemon and honey in the morning at empty stomach would boost your metabolism and help you burn calories quickly. It also melts the fat deposited over years and shows its effect very soon by removing the toxins with its diuretic effect. If you are planning to get your weight down, then lemon and honey could be the first step!

Higher Immunity – Lemon has good vitamin C content and honey is rich in anti-oxidants. Having lemon-honey would offer you the best of both. Warm water would fight the germs in the respiratory tract avoiding any further infection. Instances of contracting cold and flu would reduce significantly by regularly consuming lemon-honey.

Boosts Digestion – Food breakdown and digestion are improved with enhanced bile secretion. Stomach acids responsible for food digestion are secreted efficiently due to lemon-honey. While digesting food faster, this drink also ensures good absorption of the nutrients present in the food. This will fetch you enough energy to actively carry out your daily tasks and stay fresh.

Natural Diuretic – Higher urine production means better body cleansing. Lemon honey water is natural diuretic that makes your body produce more urine and flush out toxins. It also helps in reducing hypertension, bloating, and edema. Kidney related problems and risks are also reduced due to increased urination.

Glowing Skin – You may have tried many products to get that youthful glow of your skin. Some of these products might have brought you close, but nothing works like lemon-honey. You will notice clear glowing skin within few weeks of including this drink in your diet. It cleanses your body from the inside and that is one of the reasons why the results are usually long-lasting.

Detoxification – Your body comes in contact with pollutants and carcinogens daily due to a challenging lifestyle and this drink ca help. Whatever toxins enter your body are slowly eliminated with lemon and honey. When you make this a routine, it will keep your body free of toxins an eventually offer you healthy body and a free mind.

Just half a lemon and spoonful of honey with glass of warm water can make your life beautiful. Just include this drink into your diet and the results will be apparent for all to see.

Author bio: Karishma is into writing profession and has written several articles about diet plans for weight loss. Her work is the result of her extensive online research and untiring efforts to find the best weight loss alternative. This article talks about HCG weight loss diet types and their benefits in weight loss.

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