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Addiction – What Are Its Signs and Causes?

by Melissa Bell
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Addiction is a complex problem that can take a devastating turn. In the past, there has been comprehensive research to ensure the main reason that leads to such a problem. If the main cause of the issue is clear, then only you can reach a goal that will help to solve the addiction.

Mainly addiction is a feeling that will affect the brain working and also the feeling. At the initial stage you need to also have a complete idea about codependency addiction, so that handling situation become easy.

Addiction – What Are Its Signs and Causes

Signs of Addiction

Signs that a person faces during addiction will vary based on the substance or the activity in which they are involved. Still, there are common symptoms that are seen in people who have a habit.

Inability to Stop

Sometimes people are willing to reduce the use of the substance that leads to addiction, but they cannot because it is impossible. Even after giving it a try for much time, they cannot stop using the specific item. Sometimes the situations become so problematic that they hide the reality of having the specific food from their loved ones.

Increased Tolerance Power

As a person keeps on having the specific item, their tolerance power to handle the side effects also increases. They can have the item easily without facing any of the issues concerned.

Lack of Control

The biggest sign that they are in a situation of addiction is the feeling of lack of control over them. They will no longer have a focus on there activities that are being performed. They will in no way have any control over their happiness and sadness; everything depends on the addiction to the substance that they have. Even they do not have a regret regarding the addiction that they are facing.

Intense Focus on an Activity

People who are engaged in addiction will become a preoccupied person with a specific activity or substance. By having a clear idea of the thought, they will know they are trapped in the addiction as they keep craving the particular food item in their free time. Their main concern is to have a particular item at any stake.

What Leads to Addiction?

You must have a clear idea of its causes to fight severe addiction. If the main reason for such a situation is clear, only you can take better action. So, once you start facing the problem of addiction, then coming out of the complication becomes a difficult task. Here, we will discuss the main reason that leads to addiction:


Based on the complete research and analysis done on addiction, it has been concluded that various reasons can lead to such a situation. The main problem is genetics; in case you have a sibling or genetic parent were facing the issue at any stage, then the high chance is there you will be trapped in the problem.

Mental Health Condition

There is a strong link between mental health conditions and addiction. If a person is faced with a substance or activity addiction, then the effect will be on the mental health condition at the initial stage. Mainly, the mental issues seen in such people include depression, bipolar disorder, and others.

Environmental Factors

There are even some environmental factors that mainly lead to the problem of addiction in people. In case you have taken any medicine, like opioids, in excess, then you get addicted to them easily. One of the major factors that carets the situation is the bad experience of people, especially when they are small in age groups.

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