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Add Sauna in Your Summer Wellness Routine

by Melissa Bell
3 minutes read

It is typically assumed that saunas are for the winter season. This is because it is a heated room that raises the body temperature to roughly 104°F. The heart-rate is 120-150 beats/ minute. The humidity rate inside Finnish saunas is between 10-20% and Turkish-style ones are even higher. All of these lead to heavy sweating within a short time. But the good news is that this sweat release can offer rejuvenating and vitalizing effects.

No wonder they are most used in Finland, the origin of heated rooms, during summer. There are plenty of benefits for the heart, veins, skin, hair and muscles. Saunas can efficiently cool you down even on a hot day. Summers can stop feeling so overwhelming and you are likely to be less stressed. This article tells you more.


1. Improves Your Skin

Summers increase oil production and clogged pores. This can lead to acne and pimples. The heat from the infrared sauna penetrates inside blood cells and tissues to help flush out toxins and supply nutrients and O2 to the epidermis. This ensures healthy, glowing and radiant skin. You will see fewer blemishes and spots too. Dust, oil and creams stick to your face that can cause breakouts that worsen over days. But saunas come with detoxifying properties that cleanse and nourish the skin.

2. Heat Tolerance

American cities like Las Vegas, Tucson, Phoenix, San Antonio, Houston and Miami usually have the hottest summers. But if you use a sauna followed by a chilled shower or pool, then the temperature outside is not going to feel as hot. You get accustomed to high heat and feel more comfortable stepping outdoors. Start with shorter sauna sessions to allow enough time for the body to adapt to the heat effectively.

3. Weight Loss

Studies from University of Massachusetts Medical School and University of Georgia found that losing weight during summer is easier. On average, 200 calories decrease per day when compared to winter. It is an excellent idea to boost the process using a sauna. Sitting inside the room increases heart rate and metabolism. This burns nearly 1.5 times more calories than the regular burn. This is critical since Americans spend the last 12 years or more of their lives grappling with illnesses or injuries and 88% of those aged 65 manage at least one chronic condition. But losing weight can reduce ailments like diabetes or sleep apnea.

4. Reduces Body Ache

Warm weather is known to increase pain and swelling. A change in the barometric pressure can hurt the muscle along with severe headaches. But the heat from the sauna can enhance circulation allowing nutrients to move through the blood easily. The blood vessels dilate and the flow increases which lowers tension in the joints. There is a relaxing effect and the body stays healthy and pain-free.

Summer months can be chaotic and distressing due to the heat. You may be feeling anxious or experiencing panic attacks too. Escape to a sauna to spend some peaceful time alone or with your friends or family.

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