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8 Things You Should Eliminate From Your Life To Be Truly Healthy

by Melissa Bell
7 minutes read

We all know the wisdom of the adage: a sound mind in a sound body. Our physical and mental wellbeing are intimately connected. In fact, true health has many facets and cannot just be considered as freedom from disease or physical malaise. If putting healthy nutrients into our body has a beneficial effect, the same applies to our mental health. If there are “toxic” influences or bad habits in your life, you are not going to be happy. Consider the points below to see if they are possibly getting in the way of your personal happiness.

Harmful Friendships or Toxic Relationships

As social creatures, humans rely on each other and draw a certain amount of strength from one another. We even have the tendency to develop the habits of those in whom we live in close contact—thus the wisdom of the saying, “Birds of a feather flock together” or “One bad apple ruins the whole bunch.” The people we spend time with impact our behavior and ideas, for the better or for the worse. Friends that continually leave you exhausted, bring you down, or stunt your growth are not worth your time. True friendship looks for the good of the other and seeks to elevate and bring each other higher. Your mental and social health will surely flourish with happy and healthy friends surrounding and supporting you.

Unsatisfying Career

Having a career that you are enthusiastic about and that you actually enjoy can be a huge motivation and joy. Take an honest look at your abilities and strengths as well as your weaknesses. You will be much more satisfied and less stressed if you lead a career that you’re actually passionate about. It will be exhilarating and worth the switch for your overall health.  


Order around us helps promote order within. Just as we’re social creatures and affected by those around us, we can also be greatly affected by our surroundings. Start to organize your house and you will find that your mind will clear as well. Cleanliness will help you to focus and to be happier all around. Try a small project, such as a desk, or your closet, then move room by room to conquer your whole house. Perhaps consider some houseplants or essential oils and help make your “space” a healthy and peaceful haven after a long day at work.


The present is really the only thing that belongs to us, and the past is not something we can control any longer. Why focus all of our energy tirelessly on something that no longer exists? Shift your mindset, instead, to the now in front of you. What can you accomplish today that will increase your happiness, help you grow, learn and flourish in the future? Focus on what may enrich your life and do what will help you accomplish these goals, even if it is a small step, such as learning a new skill, or taking up a hobby, it will be a step in the right direction.

Overworking Yourself

We can easily overload ourselves on work and stress ourselves out with more than we can handle. We live in an age that is faster-paced and more work-oriented than ever before.  Sometimes it is easy to get overwhelmed by our busy schedules and the demands we constantly have to abide by. This can create a detrimental mindset or cycle that can easily get out of control. Find time to relax in healthy ways. Take quiet time to read a book, listen to calming music, or better yet play an instrument and unwind at the end of the day. Find a nice café for a quiet brunch, or take a long and peaceful walk in nature. Releasing built-up stress and tension is key and will be essential to your overall wellbeing. 


Getting too comfortable can stunt our growth. We are easily complacent with life, our activities, attitudes, or jobs. Change can be a good thing, especially if our routines have become too easy. Switch things up a little—take a new cooking class or schedule a music lesson—it gives our body and our brain some new fuel for growth. Don’t settle on a mediocre life. We only have one life to live! Keep life full of interest and fulfillment by engaging in activities which foster both growth and adventure.  


Everyone is a unique and precious gift to this world. Train your mindset to help you believe you can achieve all that you wish to achieve. Nothing is more detrimental to mental health than having a distaste of loathing for yourself. Not only is it an insult to you, but also to your family, and to your very Creator, who created you beautiful and unique. Life is your gift, and no one else can live it for you. See yourself as a being worthy of life, happiness, and love, just like every other person. All of us can pass through difficult periods, but some are more prone to depression, whether seasonal or chronic. Some simple tips to beat seasonal depression can include spending more time in the sun and exercising, both of which boost the endorphin production in the brain. Changing scenery can sometimes be enough to beat your “winter blues,” giving you a chance to recharge your and body and create new memories.  


We all experience feelings of jealousy and they are a normal portion of our human condition and existence. The job you lost to someone less qualified than you, your best friend who has a job that allows them to travel the world—all of these are enough to make you turn green. A secure person can change their mind to benefit themselves and those around them. Tell yourself that no matter what may come, you can control if you remain happy or upset—be in control of your emotions! Leaning to be happy for those who have good things can be very enriching, as there is a true share in their happiness that you receive. Embrace that everyone is on a unique path and seek happiness in your own opportunities as well. Focus on what you have going well in your life and show gratitude. This positive energy will boost your own happiness as well as give positive energy to those around you.

Those who are successful know that to get ahead of their goals, they’ll have to work diligently and well. Anything that is worth attaining will take at least some effort. The same can be said for those who wish to live a truly healthy life. Yes, in the short term you may sacrifice an instant gratification —that little complaint, that negative thought about another, that attitude that limits growth but eases your comfort. Imagine, though, the joy and great exhilaration when your goals finally come to fruition. You will see that in the end, it was all really worthwhile.  

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