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8 Facts-Based Weight Loss Tips

by Melissa Bell
4 minutes read

The Internet can’t get enough of weight loss tips and tricks. Unfortunately, a lot of these ends up being gimmicks you shouldn’t try – they are not effective and they can even be harmful to your health. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t boost your weight loss chances with tricks. There are facts-based weight loss tips that will help you lose weight faster but without jeopardizing your health.

So, implement these eight weight loss tips and improve your chances of success.

Tip #1: Drink water before meals

Water is actually helpful in losing weight more efficiently. Drinking water has been shown to increase your metabolism by nearly 30% over a period of one and half hours – this can essentially help you burn off more calories. In another study, researchers found dieters to eat less and lose 44% more weight if they drank water a half an hour before meals.

Tip #2: Enjoy a hot cup of coffee

Another beneficial weight loss drink is coffee. The health benefits of coffee have become more evident and studies are now suggesting it can also boost your metabolism. When you are having a hot cup of coffee, you can’t add sugar or other high-calorie ingredients to it – a cup of black coffee with a bit of sweetener or unsweetened almond milk can be the best choice in terms of weight loss.

Tip #3: Cut your sugar consumption

Research is finally starting to point out the dangers of sugar. It’s an ingredient most people eat too much of – it’s often hidden in things you probably don’t expect to find added sugar. However, studies have linked the consumption of sugar with risk of obesity and other diseases. One of the fastest ways of losing weight is cutting back on the amount of sugar you eat.

Start slow – stop adding sugar to any drinks or foods you eat and limit your intake of sugary sweets to twice a week. Start reducing this even further and keep an eye on added sugars in processed foods you eat.

Tip #4: Add more protein to your diet

Many dieters are afraid of protein because they feel it won’t help their weight loss. In truth, the opposite is the case: protein can boost metabolism. In studies, researchers have found that not only does eating high protein diet boost your metabolism by up to 100 calories a day, you’ll also end up eating over 400 calories less. If you’re obsessed with food, following a high protein diet can cut your obsessive food thoughts by 60%.

Tip #5: Start eating single ingredient foods

One of the biggest problems in the modern diet is our obsession over processed foods. When we eat these, we end up adding all sorts of ingredients to our body. But one of the guaranteed ways to lose weight – and more importantly, be healthier – is to eat single ingredient foods. These are naturally filling and they will ensure you get the required nutrients and nothing else!

Tip #6: Supplement with glucomannan

Weight loss supplements come in all shapes and sizes. This includes all sorts of pills, drugs, natural and custom weight loss supplements. These claim to help you lose weight, or make it easier to lose weight when combined with other methods. They usually work via one or more of these mechanisms: reduce appetite, reduce absorption and/or increase fat burning.

One of your options is glucomannan. This special type of fiber has helped dieters lose slightly more weight. It works by absorbing water and staying in your gut for a while. While it’s there, it makes you feel fuller and thus reduces the amount of calories you eat. Glucomannan is not the cheapest supplement to buy so check out the best deals and offers on Frugaa to get good discounts.

Tip #7: Get enough sleep

Aside from food tips, there are a few lifestyle changes that have been proven to help you lose weight. At the top of the list is sleep. Countless studies have shown that poor sleep is the single biggest factor increasing the likelihood of obese. Lack of sleep is also harmful to your mood; if you don’t feel right, you are more likely to start overeating or make bad food choices.

If you’re not sleeping enough, download a sleep app to help journal your sleep and to find what the problem is. Make room in your schedule to start sleeping at least an hour more each night. Make sure your bedroom is also a great place for a good night’s sleep.

Tip #8: Do aerobic exercise

Exercise is another powerful way of losing weight and aerobic exercise has been shown to be an excellent calorie burner. Studies have linked aerobic exercise to boost in losing belly fat, which is the unhealthiest type of fat in your body. Aerobic exercise is also linked with mood-boosting abilities – as mentioned; a healthy mind can help you lose weight faster.

Losing weight is no rocket science but it doesn’t mean there aren’t scientific tips that can help you lose weight. The above eight are facts-based weight loss tips that will help shed off weight without risking your health.

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