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Inpatient vs. Outpatient Drug Rehab Centers

by Melissa Bell
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Did you know that an estimated 21 million people in the U.S. struggle with an addiction to substances like illegal drugs or alcohol? If you or someone you know faces addiction, you’re likely aware of how hard it impacts one’s mental and physical health and life in general.

So, finding treatment for drug addiction is crucial, but you have many options to consider. Some include less comprehensive approaches like standalone therapy and support groups. However, you can find a local inpatient or outpatient drug rehab center for a thorough approach.

Read on to learn about how these types of facilities differ.

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What’s an Inpatient Drug Rehab Center?

Whether you’re seeking an adult or teen rehab center, know that an impatient center has the patient stay at the facility the whole time. Usually, this is for between a few weeks to six months, but the patient’s progress and needs will factor in.

Inpatient drug rehab often involves a detoxification period at the start. During that time, the center’s faculty will help the person with addiction get through the withdrawal stage. The rest of the program includes things like counseling and education to help them overcome the addiction and stay off the drug.

This type of rehab center works well when someone needs 24/7 monitoring. It can also improve success as there will be less temptation during recovery. However, it’s the most expensive option.

What’s an Outpatient Drug Rehab Center?

An outpatient drug rehab center involves the patient still living at home but visiting the center for regular treatment. This is often on a daily basis. While getting treatment, the patient can continue to attend school, work, and manage their family.

Like inpatient centers, this option often has an intensive period from the start where patients work to safely stop their drug use and handle withdrawals. They also receive therapy and counseling and usually need to meet less intensive demands as the program goes on.

This is the most flexible option since patients can get treated according to their schedules. Outpatient rehab centers usually also cost less than inpatient facilities. However, staying outside the facility can make it harder to avoid temptation.

How Do You Decide Between Them?

When you’re seeking a drug and alcohol rehab center, consider the needs, finances, and preferences of the person with addiction.

Does the person stay around others who use substances and fail to kick the habit often? If so, inpatient treatment would provide a safer environment for recovery along with the 24/7 supervision needed. However, consider the higher cost.

On the other hand, consider someone with limited money, a busy schedule, and the ability to avoid temptation on the outside. This kind of person may do fine at an outpatient drug rehab center.

Seek Treatment for Addiction Today

Now you know how to decide between an inpatient and outpatient drug rehab center, So, start searching for reputable options nearby. Social services, counselors, and community groups can point you to suitable programs.

Once you find a prospective facility, request a consultation to learn more about the programs available. The staff can help you decide whether outpatient or inpatient treatment fits better.

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