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5 Weight Loss Gimmicks to Avoid at All Cost

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The most important and foremost component for losing weight the natural or healthy way and also sustaining the loss comes at a price of continuously dedicating yourself to hard work. There is absolutely no shortcut to it.

In this ever dynamic world, every day latest and newer ways are being invented for making our lives a tad bit easier, and these products then eventually make their way to television channels in the form of advertisements that seem too good to be true. Which by the way they 99.99% of the time are too good to be true.

Desperation and the urgency to lose weight gets the best of us, making it impossible to resist spending our hard earned money over products we are aware of in the subconscious mind, won’t work at all. Although the world is by now filled with such weight-loss scams however mentioned below are just 5 of the most absurd quick weight-loss gimmicks available, that do a lot more harm than good.

1. Sauna Belts

Claiming and promising to drop weight off your bodies through evaporation of your excess fat, Sauna belts are at the top most position in the ‘Hall of fails’ for fitness gimmicks. Without having to contract a single muscle, the Sauna belt assures its consumers that they too can achieve flat six packs via heat that is generated from the belt while wearing it.

Making preposterous claims, while delivering nothing but a bit of sweat after days of usage. The Sauna Belt adversely affects the muscles by exposing them to prolonged heat radiation. Costing up to more than $50 and doing damage to the muscles and tissues, the Sauna Belt should be avoided under all circumstances.

2. Laxatives and Diuretics

Laxatives are most well known for pranks involving seagulls consuming food containing laxatives then eventually wreaking complete havoc for families or friends that were, unfortunately, enjoying the sandy beach. They are also used by those individuals that suffer from slow bowel movement and constipation. Any relation being purposely created between laxatives and weight loss is completely absurd and unnatural.

Diuretics, on the other hand, are just as shocking for being used for weight loss purposes. Diuretics once consumed result in fluid loss, and the constant usage can lead to grave consequences such as dehydration.

3. Corsets/Waist-trainers

The trend for using corsets as a way of achieving an hour-glass figure arose back in the 1900’s and is unfortunately still being used regardless of its temporary results and lifelong consequences. By continuously keeping the abdominal compressed tightly with leather corsets, its user in indirectly and unknowingly affecting the inner abdominal organs and their functioning.

Constant waist trainers have eventually complained about difficulty while breathing due to the adverse effects of the continued pressure on the ribs and hence the lungs. 24/7 usage of corsets can lead to dysfunction among the respiratory system, kidneys, as well as the stomach of its user, thus must be avoided.

4. Fat-blocking drugs/supplements

The fat blockage may seem to be an ideal situation where you can eat all you want and still stay your desired size 0, but unfortunately, it’s a lot more complicated than that. Fat blockage drugs or fat loss supplements, in reality, aggravate the already ineffective metabolism which results in more complications than expected.

For the healthy functioning of the body, fat utilization, as well as storage, is necessary. It is essential for the production of hormones whom of which are used to carry out the functioning of a healthy metabolism effectively.

5. Weight-loss Soaps

Originating from China and Thailand, the existence of this product is the sole reason why the human race is no longer advancing in life. Advertised as containing ingredients including seaweed which aids in washing away body fat whether it is abdominal, thigh or general body fat. Let’s hope they invent soap bars to wash away our sins, anxieties and insecurities as well.

Mentioned above are just five classical examples of absolutely absurd weight loss gimmicks used by companies unethically to take complete advantage of those who are having issues with losing weight. Any method which promises or guarantees weight loss within a short period, must at all costs be avoided.

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beth-martelThis post was written by Beth Martel. She is a mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian. She blogs at HealthyRecharge.com

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