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Why a Fitness Inspired Play Zone in a Church is a Must

by Melissa Bell
4 minutes read

Children have a predisposition to believe in the power of the Almighty and that the natural world has been created with a particular purpose, says to a scientific study. In fact, if they are left to grow up on their own, they would automatically have faith in the power of a supreme intelligent being. Proverbs 22:6 (ESV) of the Bible says that children need to be nurtured to keep their emotional, social, and spiritual growth on track.

And, in all these activities, the church plays a vital role. One significant way to keep the little ones engaged and create a family-friendly spirit is to invest in high quality church playground equipment. Adding a fitness-inspired area to the church will encourage physical activity, develop positive traits and make the worship center more welcoming to people of all ages.

Personal development and connectivity are fostered with such an area, along with building a community spirit. Also, children become more willing to attend religious events and programs. If you are still unsure about the benefits of adding a play zone, here’s what you need to know.


Creates an Inviting Environment

The church playground is both an unofficial gathering area and a fun recreational space. Parents are more inclined to visit churches that can help their child express emotions and build their social skills. In fact, sports and play are valuable tools for brain development in early childhood and leave a lasting impact on mental health, according to an article by the United Nations International Children’s Education Fund (UNICEF). Therefore, a church playground sends out a message that they care about their little worshippers and makes for a safe space for growth and learning.

Promotes Overall Well Being

Children who participate in fitness activities have a lower risk of obesity, improved sleep patterns, better coordination and balance, and impressive heart health, according to an article on Better Health. Church fitness grounds serve as a healthy activity area, where youngsters can play together, develop cognitive capabilities, and learn to cooperate and communicate. In fact, 2 hours of delightful activities release endorphins, which uplifts the mood and keeps them cheerful.

Creates a Great Parent-Child Bond

A fitness zone in the church complex should include Climbers, Trapeze Rings, Vertical Press, Step Around and Curl Bench. Older children can actively take part in fitness moves with their parents and have a wholesome experience after church services. This is also a great way to improve safety at the playground, since the kids will be under the supervision of their parents. The fear of falling and bruising themselves is no longer a cause for concern.

Additionally, the right amount of support can be extended to children with emotional or social disorders. For example, the value of the outdoors and spending time with nature can lessen symptoms like anxiety in ADHD affected children and improve concentration and speech, according to an article in The Children’s Wood and Meadow.

Promotes Positive Character Traits

Fellowship is an important quality, which every child learns at a playground. If the church playground has a spiritual theme, with scriptures and figurines from the Bible, both children and parents can have a wholesome experience. From a young age, they will know how to get along, overcome shyness, resolve little fights in a healthy way, be patient, share and care, wait for their turn and avoid being a bully. Church playgrounds allow freedom, fun, and have a significant impact on a child’s ability to learn and develop. Along with enjoyment, they also get a good workout, which helps them remain active. Offering a space for physical activities will attract parents concerned about their child’s health to your place of worship too.

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