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How Water Fountains Can Help You Sleep

by Melissa Bell
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If you want to feel better and well energized during the day, you have to get enough sleep at night. Uninterrupted sleep is very hard to achieve, especially if your surround sleep environment is not conducive and comfortable.

It is not easy to drift off to sleep with loads of stress as well as other tiring mental or physical issues. If your mind is still racing, you will have trouble with falling asleep and will constantly wake up in the middle of the night dues to restlessness.

Therefore, you need a better environment to enjoy uninterrupted sleep be it bedding or sleep aids. Otherwise, your entire health will be affected due to lack of proper sleep and constant wakes throughout the night.

Indoor water fountains as sleep aids

Indoor water fountains are great to sleep aids. The sound of the running water is instantly calming. It is the best sleeping aid, if you have a lot of stress on your mind, or are feeling fatigued and anxious. It can also help with external and internal disturbing noise.

Indoor water fountains often mimic the sound of the outdoor waterfall or ocean wave. Besides, they both have the same calming effects and are beautiful to watch anytime. The sound it produces with water can also put you at ease and enable you to relax comfortably.

Age is never an issue when it comes to using indoor water fountains as sleeping aids. As the better you sleep, the more energized you will be, even if you are older.

According to Luxe Water Walls Indoor water fountains can easily drown any intrusive noise from outside, be it noise from the neighbors, animals or streetcars. This is because the sound of trickling water can easily muffle every sound, to the point you only hear its calming effects on your body.

Besides, for effectiveness, the trickling of water fountain should be louder. Loud is always better in this case. It can make you fall and stay asleep for long hours, up to the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep.

Health benefits of indoor water fountains to your sleep


  • Purifies your surrounding air- Indoor water fountains often work as other air purifying machines. This is because it releases the same negative ions needed to attract airborne pollutants. It can also help with the positive ions from television, refrigerators and other home machines. The only difference is that it produces a soothing calming sound, unlike air purifier that often makes noise due to fan speed. This can allow you have uninterrupted sleep session
  • The best source of white soothing noise– The sound of running water is always the best source of white noise. White noise can muffle just anything without straining your body to calm down or relax. Besides, it never ends. You will not even need to concentrate on it, as it just works naturally, making you fall asleep faster
  • It can help with stress levels– The sound of trickling water is always relaxing and can lower your stress level before you sleep. It can also help you nap peaceful, no matter the stress level. You will not even have to struggle with it as it works effortlessly within your mind and body
  • Restores moisture to your surrounding air– An indoor water fountain can easily get rid of dry air by moisturizing the surrounding environment for better sleep. It does this without adding any pollutants to the air.

Moreover, it does not give room for bacteria or any other air pollutants to thrive due to its constant circulation of water. Note, only stagnant water can give room for bacteria growth

Things to consider while buying an indoor water fountain

You should always consider some of these things when it comes to buying or installing an indoor water fountain in your home or office space.

  • If you are interested in purchasing an indoor water fountain, the first thing you would have to do is look for one that has a very audible sound. There are loads of different designs on the market you can always choose from. The bigger the fountain, the louder it will be. This is because the further that water travels the louder it is when it gets to the basin.. However, if you just have a bubbling stream, or something similar, it will not be as loud as a regular fountain
  • You should also consider the space you have before opting to install or buy an indoor water fountain. Do some online reviews and know the expectations, as they come in different models and designs.. Look for something that can fit and complement your home and workspace without looking out of place
  • As for cost, always go for what you can afford but quality and longevity is everything, especially if your sleep and health are on the line

Additional information

Indoor water fountains are a beautiful addition to any home. Many people buy them simply because they look good, without realizing how they are useful.

It does not matter if you or your child needs a sleeping aid. An indoor water fountain can help you relax and wake-up energized.

Moreover, you will not need to purchase any white noise machines that are not aesthetically pleasing and irritably loud. Go for an indoor water fountain, beautiful, useful and can maximize your health.


Conclusively, an indoor water fountain is very cost-effective in the end. You will not even have to worry about it being a breeding ground for any air pollutants like bacteria and mold spores. It works the same way as an ocean wave and a natural waterfall, making your indoor environment clean and always fresh.

Therefore, invest in a quality indoor water fountain, for utmost peace and tranquillity in your home. You will always feel relaxed after a long day of work. You surrounding will always feel like an ocean breeze, very comforting and peaceful.

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