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Simple and Easy Ways to Keep Your Ears Healthy

by Melissa Bell
5 minutes read

Once your hearing is permanently damaged, it’s done for good. That’s why we are consistently raising awareness about hearing impairment, hearing solutions, and the importance of hearing diagnosis.

Looking after your ears is essential because you don’t want to ruin your hearing abilities at any cost!

So, in this article, I’ll tell you some easy and simple ways to keep your ears healthy.

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Things You Should Do to Keep Your Ears Healthy

Most people have hearing impairment due to the lack of proper care and irresponsibility. So, don’t just wait until it’s too late to take care of your precious ears!

1. Use earplugs when around noisy areas

Around 15% of the American population suffers from hearing issues due to leisure environments or loud work.

Chainsaws, lawnmowers, concerts, clubs, and even noises that force you to shout at others can severely impact the ears. So, in such cases, earplugs can be of help for you.

These earplugs are easy and convenient to get. And you can even obtain them from your local hearing healthcare.

There are even such custom earplugs that can help you hear people’s conversation and even let you listen to music, yet help reduce dangerous sound levels.

2. Keep the Volume Low

According to WHO (World Health Organization), approximately 1.1 billion young adults and teenagers around the globe are highly at risk of noise-induced hearing impairment, mainly due to unsafe audio device uses.

If you like to listen to music through earbuds or headphones, you can apply the 60/60 rule. It suggests that you will not increase the volume by 60% for 60 minutes a day.

Earbuds can be severely dangerous because they directly fit inside your eardrums.

Remember, any loud music can have a detrimental effect on your hearing. So, if you are hosting a music event, make sure that your music volume is to such an extent that people don’t have to shout to have a conversation.

3. Stop using cotton buds.

Naturally, people use cotton swabs to scrub off the wax from your ear canal, but it’s not at all a good practice. The reason is that a little bit of earwax is quite essential for your ears.

The ears are such self-cleaning organs that resist the entry of dust and any other harmful particles from getting inside the ear canal.

Moreover, inserting any object inside the ear canal can increase the chances of injuring sensitive organs like the eardrums.

But if excess wax gets accumulated inside the ear, take a damp towel and gently clean around your ear canal. This will soften the ear wax, and it will effortlessly flow out on its own.

4. Keep the ears dry

Too much moisturizer will allow bacteria to get in and attack your ear canal. This can lead to swimmer’s ear or any other type of ear infection, which can be hazardous for the hearing ability.

So, ensure that you gently towel-dry the ears after swimming or even taking a bath. And if you feel that water has entered inside your ear, tilt your head to that side and coax all the water out.

To avoid any such problems, make sure to wear a swimmer’s ear plugs so that water can’t enter when you are bathing or swimming.

5. Exercise

Exercise doesn’t only keep you fit but can also keep your ears healthy. That’s because when you walk, run, or even cycle, the blood gets pumped to all the body parts, including your ears. This can indeed help your ears to stay healthy.

Safety Note: When you are cycling, make sure that you wear a helmet because if you fall and hit the head, a simple concussion might cause a lot of damage to your hearing. 

6. Manage your stress levels

Stress and depression are linked with permanent and temporary tinnitus (an ear condition that causes ringing in the ear).

Too much stress can force your body to reach into flight or fight mode, filling the entire body with adrenaline to support you to flee or fight from danger.

This entire process puts too much pressure on your blood flow, body heat, and the nerves of your body. It’s even believed that all this pressure slowly gets to your inner ear contributing to severe tinnitus symptoms.

7. Give time to your ears to recover

If you have been exposed to loud sounds and noises like a concert or music festival for a more extended period of time, make sure that you give proper resting time to your ears. If you think your hearing is compromised, consider buying hearing aids.

For instance, if you are at a rock concert, take a five-minute break every now and then. This will give your ears some resting time, and you won’t be severely damaging your ears.

You can also wear earplugs during the concert to prevent excessive sounds or noises from entering your inner ears and damaging them.

Final Words

Knowing the ins and outs of keeping the ears healthy is a mandatory responsibility of everyone. Young people should stay more cautious about this because too much exposure to loud music can slowly destroy their inner ear.

So, to avoid any such mishappenings, this article is the golden guide for you. Remember, “the more you care about your ears, the better they will allow you to hear!”

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