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Reasons to Hire a Recruiting Agency like Biotech Partners in Boston

by Melissa Bell
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Are you looking for talented employees? The majority of businesses trust the task of finding skilled employees in the hands of human resource departments. HR managers, however, are in charge of too many tasks to devote their whole attention to recruitment.

Therefore, many companies from virtually all industries outsource these services to recruitment consultants. These specialists are experienced, educated, and skilled at choosing applicants of high quality, negotiating salaries, conducting interviews, creating powerful advertisements, etc. Most importantly, employers stand to benefit financially by using such services due to large cost-cutting.

Have a look at the reasons for hiring a recruitment agency in Boston.

Fast hiring

Employers undergo a painstaking process every time they have to recruit new employees, taking months, not weeks to complete. Businesses commence the process by creating advertisements and posting them on multiple channels, followed by reviewing a plethora of resumes. Afterward, a screening process is required in order for HR managers to select the most promising applicants and schedule interviews with each one of them.

Since HR managers already have a lot on their plate, recruitment takes longer than outsourcing these services to a staffing agency in Boston. As soon as experienced recruiters take over the process, employers are spared from any tasks related to hiring. These professionals access their candidate database to find fitting prospects, invite them for interviews, and select the best applicants in a matter of days.

Better selection of candidates

Another reason for employers in Boston to consider hiring recruiting services is having access to high-quality candidates. The databases of recruitment agencies consist of job-seekers whose skills and qualities have already been reviewed. Consequently, you won’t waste your time interviewing unsuitable applicants but only those worth your time.

Furthermore, the networks of staffing agencies not only include job-seekers actively looking for a job but passive candidates as well. Although the latter are employed, recruiters might persuade them into accepting a better job offer. This type of candidates cannot be found through advertisements, only accessed by recruitment agencies.


Unlike in-house hiring managers, professional recruiters are educated in conducting all kinds of interviews. Established recruitment agencies, like Biotech Partners, have extensive experience in finding the best employees on behalf of businesses. Regardless of how much a business grows over time, recruiters keep up with the latest trends in industries in order to select high-quality prospects.

Lower costs

Staffing agencies are more cost-efficient than the majority of employers think. The cost of hiring recruiting services is nothing in comparison with the savings businesses experience in the long-term. For instance, companies waste plenty of money on advertising vacancies, testing, and training potential employees.

Conversely, staffing agencies in Boston include all of these tasks in their fees without obliging employers to pay for any extra costs. Additionally, many businesses benefit from using temporary recruitment agencies, particularly those coping with slow seasons. These agencies help companies find employees looking for temporary job positions, not permanent employment. As a result, they won’t run the risk of damaging their reputation by letting employees go during slow seasons.

The greatest thing about recruitment agencies is not charging any fees until applicants are hired for the jobs offered by clients. Unless a job-seeker is hired, employers aren’t expected to pay for the work of recruiters.

Salary negotiation

Salary negotiation isn’t the most favorite part of the recruitment process for the largest part of employers. It often happens for employers to find the perfect candidate for a particular vacancy, only to face a disagreement when negotiating the remuneration package. Fortunately, staffing agencies act as advisors by helping companies compare their salaries to the rest of the firms in their industries.

Moreover, recruiters are capable of being negotiators in terms of salary as long as employers decide to employ their negotiation skills. By knowing the expectations of businesses and job-seekers, recruiters have no problem negotiating a remuneration package suitable for both parties.

Industry insight

Staffing agencies in Boston provide employers with invaluable insight in their industries, essential for conducting a successful hiring process. Recruiters are armed with extensive knowledge not only of the local but also of the national and international job market.

In addition, these consultants are experts in devising recruitment strategies, fitted to the requirements of different businesses. Understanding the requirements of employers while knowing the expectations of job-seekers is what makes recruiting consultants successful as middlemen. Their insight into the demand on the job market even further helps them in making well-reasoned decisions, which benefit the clients.

Conducting interviews

Businesses in Boston benefit from hiring staffing agencies in the course of conducting interviews. These consultants are initially in charge of screening candidates, which is generally done over the phone. Although short, these conversations are sufficient for recruiters to determine whether an applicant is worth inviting to the first round of interviews.

Once the elimination procedure is done, recruitment consultants move to face-to-face interviews. They even take the responsibility of conducting background checks on applicants. Although employers handle the ultimate round of interviews, recruiters provide them with a list of questions to ask applicants. Their support is present in every step of the hiring process.

High-quality advertising

Many employers face issues with vacancy advertising due to poor marketing. In order for companies to find suitable candidates, the advertisements should be seen by the right people. Therefore, staffing agencies in Boston create compelling ads and post them on the right platforms.

Besides online, recruiters offer job positions in-person to skilled prospects who might be interested in the vacancies. Their marketing method is what helps advertisements reach a wide range of job-seekers.

Bottom line

Staffing agencies can really help you select the best candidates for employees.

Their support, industry knowledge, experience, and negotiation skills are invaluable.

Let recruiters handle the hiring process without worrying about the outcome!

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