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No Mask? Alternative Ways to Cover Your Face During COVID-19

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Due to the daily increase in Covid-19 cases, masks have become as important as clothes for us. Wearing a mask whenever stepping out from your house has become mandatory now. A mask is not just a need due to legal restrictions but also, they are vital to keep ourselves safe and secure. They are like a protection shield to humans now to minimize the effects of COVID-19 virus.

Refer this link to know more about why masks are so important during this time of pandemic.

As masks are becoming more important day by day, their variety and availability in the market is increasing as well. There is a wide range of masks available out there in the market. From disposable (one-time use masks) to cotton, funky and formal, manufacturers are making sure that we have an option for every occasion. The choices available in the market have increased to such an extent that we sometimes get confused about which to choose. So, if you are also in such a mask dilemma, this article might help you out!

But, there are times when we feel the need of an alternative to mask. The reasons for this issue are many. One could be out of clean or usable masks, or you might be feeling that you need something less suffocating and more comfortable. So what can you do in such a situation? As a matter of fact, there are a number of alternatives that can be easily used in place of masks. Some of these alternatives are more comfortable than usual masks while others serve as a perfect choice when you are out of your mask stock!

Alternative Ways to Cover Your Face

But before we begin with our mask alternatives, take a quick look at these important points that you should always keep in your mind.

  • Make sure that the mask you use, whether a clinical one or a homemade one, covers your face appropriately. The right way of wearing a mask is to assure that it covers your face starting from the nose bridge to your chin area.
  • The mask should be at least three layers thick if it’s made of thin cloth. This assures a better protective barrier against any virus.
  • You should clean your mask properly after every use;
  • The mask should fit snugly without leaving any big opening;
  • Always remember that the mask’s fit and the way you wear it matters the most.


Scarves serve as amazing masks. They are very comfy and moreover, people are habituated to using scarves as a face covering. All of us, have worn a scarf at least once in our lifetime to protect our face from sunlight or pollution. Moreover, they help you let go of those cringe ties around ears as well.

All you need to do is, make sure to layer up your scarves at least once or twice in order to assure overall protection. This is necessary as health professionals advice everyone to cover their faces with a thick layer during this time of pandemic.

Also, you can tie your scarf in a way that fits your face just right. Make sure you cover both your nose as well as mouth with it and tie it properly so that you don’t have to adjust it back and forth.  So now, here are a few simple steps on how you can use your scarves as face coverings:

  • Take a scarf which is long enough to easily cover up your face in layers.
  • Now fold the scarf in such a manner that it makes a triangular shape. For this, all you need to do is join the upper right corner of your scarf to the lower left one. You can do the same in any other way that you feel is easier for you.
  • Then place the straight part of your scarf on your nose bridge, take both ends of scarves towards back of your head through ears and tie them in a knot. The knot shouldn’t be very tight as it may suffocate you but at the same time, it shouldn’t be very loose.
  • To ensure that your scarf face covering remains intact for a longer period, use a safety pin or two to tuck the knotted cloth properly.



Bandana masks are a very easy and sustainable choice. All you need is a bandana cloth and two hair ties or rubber bands. Once you collect the materials, follow these easy steps to make a beautiful and quick handmade mask!

  • Lay down your bandana cloth.
  • Now bring the top and bottom ends of the cloth to the middle.
  • Next, fold the cloth in half again.
  • Then, take one hair tie and put in inside the cloth from one end. Shift the hair tie a few inches away from the end.
  • Repeat the same process with the second hair tie and the other corner. These hair ties will work as your ear loops of mask.
  • Now, fold each of the left out short ends of your bandana towards middle. Overlap one over the other and tuck them with a safety pin.
  • Your new homemade mask is ready to be worn! Wear it with the plain side outwards and the one with ends inwards to keep it secure.

In case you don’t have a bandana, you can use a handkerchief or a square piece of t-shirt or any other appropriate cloth.

Face Shields

You can also rely on a face shield in case you don’t have a mask. However, face shields are limited to use for medical professionals, along with proper PPE kits available for COVID prevention. Yet, these face shields can be used by people in specific situations such as:

  • In case you are interacting with a group of people and you are able to maintain proper distance.
  • If you are suffering certain health conditions that enable you from wearing a mask.
  • Children below 12 years of age can prefer face shields over face masks.
  • Face shields are definitely not as protective as face masks. They are basically designed to be worn above masks.

For more details regarding the use of face shields as masks, refer to the link.

Paper Towel Masks

Homemade paper towel masks are very easy and most appropriate for one-time use. These are light weight and can be made with easily available products within seconds.

First of all, let’s look at the material needed to make your paper towel mask at home-

  • A paper towel;
  • Two rubber bands;

How to make:

  • Fold the paper tissue horizontally like you do while making a paper fan.
  • Now insert a rubber band from one corner. Shift it a few inches inwards and then fold the end over the rubber band.
  • Staple the corner after folding it in.
  • Repeat the same process with the other end.
  • Your homemade paper towel mask is all set to go. Wear it with rubber bands as ear loops. Remember to open the center part a bit so that it covers your nose and mouth properly.
  • This mask is a one-time use mask. Make sure you change it after every few hours use.

Turn Your T-shirt into a Mask!

Yes, you can easily turn your t-shirt into a very comfortable face mask. All you need is a spare t-shirt that you think is of no use to you. Wear the neck of the t-shirt such that it covers your nose and mouth. Now, take the sleeves of the t-shirt back and tie a knot.

You can turn it into a proper face covering, by bringing the back portion of the tee on your forehead. This is very helpful in case you want a face mask protecting you from both Covid-19 and sunlight.

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