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All About Face Masks for COVID-19

by Melissa Bell
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COVID-19  is still around, and yet many places are opening back up with new regulations. One of those regulations is to wear a face mask when you’re in the building. Sometimes, it’s mandatory, and other times, it’s encouraged. Regardless, it’s important that you wear one whenever you can.

In this post, we will talk about face masks, the myths surrounding them, and tips on buying one.

face mask types

Face Masks

If you are going out in public, you should wear face masks, no exception. However, you may wonder which masks are the best. Well, there are a few types of masks to choose from. These include:

  • N95 respirators. These can filter against droplets that are in the air. These are not available for the general public for the most part, and they are mainly for health care workers.
  • Surgical masks. These are loose masks that cover your nose and mouth. They are not tight, but they do offer some protection against droplets and can help the infected stop the spread. These are also worn by healthcare workers.
  • Cloth/paper masks. These are masks that are generally available to the public. You can even make them out of clothes or buy them in your own pattern. They can help slow the spread as well. These masks should always be washed daily to ensure maximum protection.
  • Mask filters. These are masks with a pocket in them, which contains a filter. These masks can be homemade using other filters, such as coffee or vacuum filters. However, it’s unknown if they can work.
  • The face shield. This is a plastic shield that goes over your face to your chin. It is attached via a headband. Health care workers and other workers may use this one. This is to prevent any liquids from getting on the face. This isn’t required if you are social distancing, and it mainly used by people who have to make close contact.

For most people in public, a disposable or cloth mask should be good enough to help slow the spread of COVID-19. However, if you do find a more powerful mask, wear that if you can. With that said, there are some shortages, and some medical workers may need to have them.

Mask Myths

When it comes to masks, there are many myths surrounding them, mostly by people who do not want to wear them. These myths include:

  • That cloth masks are useless. While they are not as powerful as medical grade masks, they still create a barrier to keep larger droplets out and they prevent you from touching your face, which can slow the spread.
  • Only sick people need to wear them. First, COVID-19 can be asymptomatic, so you may have it even if you do not feel symptoms. You may end up spreading it to someone who is older or immunocompromised if so. In addition, it can help prevent you from catching it.
  • Masks mean you don’t need to stay home or social distance. No, masks are not foolproof. Staying home whenever you can and keeping your distance can help as well.
  • The mask only needs to cover one’s mouth. No, it needs to cover your nose as well.
  • Masks can make the sickness worse. Some people say that if you wear a mask, you’re rebreathing the C02. However, you’re not going to get sick from wearing it for a short time. Those who have breathing issues or children under the age of 2 should avoid them, however.

Overall, do not listen to the misinformation. If someone is making a claim that masks don’t work, make sure to fact check them. In the COVID-19 pandemic, misinformation is the worst enemy. Don’t give in to any misinformation if possible.

Shopping for a Face Mask

When you are wanting a face mask, you may wonder where to buy one. You can find disposable masks at stores, and some vendors sell reusable ones as well. In addition, you can find them online. Some sellers on websites such as Etsy can give you masks as well that are high quality and have a design. While some do not like the idea of face masks, others are liking the fashion they provide. You can find masks of unique designs to match your personality.

When you shop, make sure it has two fabric layers and make sure it covers the mouth and nose. There should be no big gaps and you should be able to adjust it. Hold the mask to the sun and look for any holes. If there are a lot, don’t use it.

While it should be tight enough, it should not be uncomfortable. After all, you may want to wear a face mask for a workout or another strenuous activity. Make sure it’s that perfect balance between tight and loose.

Finally, read the reviews and make sure you aren’t buying from a seller who is questionable. You don’t need to buy an extremely expensive mask or anything, but don’t buy one from a seller who sells thin masks that are way too loose.

Get a Face Mask

What else can we say? You need to get a face mask, even if you don’t get out much. Some people may want to get multiple face masks for every day of the week, then wash them at the end. It’s up to you how you go about it, but just make sure you wear one and keep it clean.

Otherwise, follow the guidelines. Wash your hands, keep your distance, and only go out when it is necessary. This can help you slow the spread of COVID-19.

While you’re at it, also make sure that you are keeping your physical and mental health up. Work out at home if possible, eat right, and seek help from a therapist if you’re mentally unwell. Should you be having problems with your significant other, sites like ReGain can help you with this.

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