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Gifting Green: 8 Natural Gifts Perfect for a Baby Shower

by Melissa Bell
5 minutes read

Baby showers are a celebration of a new addition to the family. Usually, they take place a few months before the baby is due and sometimes they happen after the baby is born. It depends on the mother’s preferences and circumstances. If the mother to be is a more natural woman then you should shoot for more eco-friendly gifts.

Babies and mothers are more susceptible to toxins and bad ingredients in certain things. You don’t want your mother-to-be or the child to be in any harm in the future. Adopting the eco-friendly lifestyle is actually very beneficial to the well being of the mother and child before and after pregnancy. Here are a few gifts you can bring to a baby shower that is natural and perfect for staying eco-friendly.


1. Diapers

Diapers are always welcomed when it comes to baby shower gifts. It is one of the most if not the only, popular gift that is given to new moms. It is practical and it’s easy. You can even gift them in unique ways. A new and popular way to gift diapers or decorate with them is with diaper cakes or something of the sort.

Though if your mother-to-be is a more natural woman and appreciates eco-friendly products, gifting some cloth diapers may be ideal. You can find these diapers online through Amazon and other sites.

2. A Sling/Baby Wrap

A sling is a good gift choice for mothers-to-be. Slings are usually used for wrapping the baby up and around the mother’s abdomen. It is a one size fits all so you won’t have to worry about guessing the mother’s size beforehand. You can use them for extended periods of time and them adjustable to the baby’s size and weight. This gift is great for those moms who enjoy moving around a lot and watch to keep an eye on their baby.

3. A Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow can cause relief for the mother’s who breastfeed. Breastfeeding can be uncomfortable sometimes and this offers a more pleasant nursing process by adding cushion to increase posture and comfortability. This gift would be perfect for any type of mom, especially if she plans on breastfeeding.

4. Non-Toxic Baby Products

Gifting toxic products to a new mother is only going to lead to harm for the baby. You want to make sure that the products you want to give are safe for a baby. You want to give your eco-friendly mother the things she will be comfortable using on her baby. Determine if your product is baby safe by reading the product details and ingredients. You also want to do further research to ensure that it is safe.

When it comes to baby food and snacks you want to give the natural and organic options. Organic food is known to be beneficial for the baby’s healthy development and growth. Food with preservatives and added ingredients can be toxic to the baby’s health and well being. Sticking to organic is ideal.

You want the products to be natural so no issues occur down the line with the child. You can find natural baby products registries online that will give you a list of products that are great for natural mothers. Here are some of the non-toxic baby products you can gift to the new mon to be:

  • Bumbleride Indie Stroller
  • Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress
  • Hatch Baby Rest + Grow
  • Nook Organic Niche Nursing Pillow
  • Baby Breeza One-Step Sterilizer Dryer
  • And so much more

5. Glass Bottles

Stay away from plastic with glass bottles. These will be a little bit heavier than your basic plastic bottles. In actuality, these glass bottles usually come with long nipples and make it easier for babies to latch onto a bottle. It isn’t as confusing for babies that are breastfed. These are good for gifting to the moms you know are planning to pump or bottle feed. It would be a waste to give to a mother who only wants to breastfeed.

6. Non-Toxic Toys

It’s important to gift non-toxic toys as well. Anything that is toxic can be of serious harm to a baby. Try to read up on the latest recalled toys and the toxicity it has in the details. There have been plenty of toys that have been flagged for being toxic to little kids and babies, it’s important to always keep the mother and her baby’s well being in mind. Even though a toy may look cute it could contain ingredients that can harm the baby’s health so you want to be cautious.

You will know a toy is toxic when you see certain ingredients on the details. If you see PVC, lead, phthalates, Bisphenol A, and PBDEs, you want to stay away from it. All of these chemicals cause toys to be toxic to young children.

7. Washable Breast Pads

Breast pads that are washable instead of disposable save the ecosystem by eliminating excess waste. It also makes it easier on the mom because she doesn’t have to purchase breast pads frequently. She can just wash the used ones and she has brand new ones fresh. This can be an inconvenience sometimes, but if the mother is living an eco-friendly lifestyle it is great for a gift choice.

8. BPA-free Water Bottle

BPA -free water bottle is great for the mother’s use. She has to stay hydrated throughout the day and this will give her the safer option of staying hydrated. BPA in plastic is has been a topic of discussion over the years and many people have cut out plastic because of it. BPA-free products not only help save the environment and eliminate waste and plastic, but it is also good for her health as well. Reusable water bottles are the smarter choice as there are less toxic ingredients involved.

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