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How to Get in Shape with Exercise-Induced Asthma

by Elise Morgan
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People who suffer from exercise-induced asthma often have an aversion to any type of exercise. But, as we all know, having no physical activity whatsoever is really damaging to one’s health. Therefore, it’s important to clear the misunderstanding. Even though you suffer from asthma, you can and you should stay physically active. If you take your medicine regularly and follow a specific workout plan, there’s no end to benefits that you can get from exercising. So, don’t treat your asthma as an excuse to never get in shape. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Consult your doctor and trainer

If you’re just starting out to get fit, make sure to talk about your decision with your doctor. Together, you’ll be able to determine what types of exercises are actually beneficial and safe for you to do. The doctor will also tell you when and how to use your medicine and also recommend some lifestyle changes. It’s important that you stick to those if you want to transform your body. Also, make sure to let your trainer know about your respiratory issue. That way, you’ll have additional help with your training sessions and a professional trainer can even create an exercise program that would suit your needs the best.

Be responsible yourself

Even though it’s essential to consult your doctor and trainer as you start working out, you cannot assume that they will look after you all the time. You have to be responsible for your own well-being. In that respect, make sure to always use pre-exercise asthma medicine. Also, keep your rescue inhaler by your side so that you can use it if you start having symptoms. Never force yourself to exercise when enduring a cold. Also, don’t overestimate yourself. It’s important that you stick to your specific fitness level and never try to do some more challenging exercises on your own.

Indoors may be better

Not all people with asthma have to avoid outdoors during their workouts, but it’s true that some asthmatic cases can get worse when exposed to pollen. Therefore, the safest bet is to avoid exercising outside at least during the pollen season. The same goes for air pollution, which is generally highest during colder months, but still very difficult to predict throughout the year, too. But sometimes, even the air indoors can become too dry and hurtful for asthmatic patients. Proper air humidifiers can really help as well as technologically advanced gadgets such as resmed airsense 10 elite device that deliver optimal temperature and humidity with a press of a button.

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Choose your exercises wisely

You will surely have to discuss your perfect choice of exercises with your doctor, but it could be really useful to actually know what exercise to consider before your checkup. In general, you can opt for both cardio and strength exercises but the important thing is not to overstrain yourself. Some of the best exercises for asthmatics are undoubtedly cycling, treadmill running, fast-paced walking, and swimming, which has many benefits for health and fitness. Still, it’s essential to mention that you should always do your warm-ups before the actual workouts since this will reduce the risk of asthma symptoms showing during the training session.

With the help of your asthma action plan, proper use of meds as well as an overall healthy lifestyle, getting in shape even with exercise-induced asthma won’t be anything more difficult than it is for everyone else. Even if you do experience some coughing and wheezing as you exercise, you can always take a break and rest for a while. It’s essential that you don’t overreact when you have a mild cough but it’s also extremely important that you don’t ignore clear signs of possible spasms due to engaging in workouts that are above your fitness level.


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