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How to Find a Drug Detox Center

by Melissa Bell
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Drug and alcohol addiction is usually the effect of chronic substance abuse and it needs a proven-to-work detoxification method to neutralize its effects. It can affect anyone, from teens to adults and even professionals in different fields.

Addiction can take a toll on a person’s life, make him or her lose some of their closest friends, family and loved ones. As much as they may have initiated the whole process to the point, addictions develop gradually and sometimes unsuspectingly. Its control can be hard for the addict to handle single-handedly.

Therefore, family members and close friends (1) should intervene and seek professional help from a reputable detox center, anywhere in the country or locally.

You should also note that different detox centers have different rules and methods of recovery depending on the addiction and its level of effect on the patient’s body. A Florida Detox Center, might not have the same rules as one based in another state.

Finding the right detox center close by can be hard, but we are here to help you narrow your choices. Here are some of the top questions to ask before selecting the right drug and alcohol recovery center.

1. Facility Accreditation and Staff Qualifications

Each state has an accreditation body to ensure that the rehabilitation facility delivers as expected and that their staff is qualified, licensed and experienced in treating and handling different cases of substance abuse and other medical problems.

You can check for facility accreditation at the Substance Abuse (2) and Mental Health Services Administration Website, to avoid falling victim of the unaccredited facilities that do more harm than good.

2. Addictions and Substance Abuse Treated

Different drug (3) and alcohol recovery centers offer different treatments. It can be alcohol, sedatives, cocaine, ketamine, opiates, inhalants and other drugs.

Therefore, it is up to you to ask about the treatments as well as methods used. You should also check if the proposed methods of treatment work or have been proven to be safe.

3. Payment Options and Insurance Cover

You should always consider the insurance plan, as it can help reduce the initial costs. Therefore, you can inquire if the detox center accepts insurance and the amount it can cover. Likewise, if the drug and alcohol center does not accept insurance or only covers part of it, what are their methods of payments or payment plans in place?

4. Period of Stay

There are different programs for different kinds of addicts, but the common type of drug rehab program usually lasts for 28 days, a very short-term to recover from physical and mental abuse caused by the drug or alcohol.

Therefore, you can check for the facility’s short and long-term programs, in order to get the best treatment for your loved one. The longer the stay the better one can achieve a stable sobriety.

5. After-Care Plans

Continued treatment is usually essential for substance and drug abusers, to ensure they maintain their sobriety. This can help one avoid relapses and ensure they stay sober for good.

Some after-care plans can range from private or group therapy, among others offered by individual rehabilitation centers. Besides, detox is usually the first step toward rehabilitation. The rest of the process depends on your substance and drug addiction.

6. Public or Private Detox Centers

Before, selecting a rehabilitation center, check whether it is public or private, as private facilities tend to have the best services with a high level of care for their patients. Besides, they are easily accessible, but you will have to pay a little more than public detox centers.

State or Federal funded public recovery centers usually fill up very quickly. Besides, you can easily get free services or pay less, but they are outpatient in nature.

7. Expected Results

Different detox centers have different programs that result in different outcomes for the patient. Therefore, you should check and see how they measure success when it comes to rehabilitating the patient to sobriety.

Some can measure success by the completion of the 28-day program, while others consider abstinent against drug and alcohol after returning home, a major milestone in the recovery process. It can also be improved family relations or socializing.

Therefore, it is up to you and your family to decide the kind of results you want to see. This will help you choose a suitable detox facility.

8. Any Nutritional Components

Any addiction recovery program needs nutritional support for repairing the health deficiencies of the patient. Otherwise, their health is likely to deteriorate making the recovery hard to achieve within the specified period.

Besides, they might also experience symptoms of deficiencies like depression, lack of energy and appetite as well as sleeplessness and irritations, making the recovery impossible and leading to the prescription of other drugs like antidepressants and sleeping pills, further exacerbating the addiction.

Therefore, you should check on the different nutritional foods offered and their values, before selecting a detox center for your loved one.

9. Life Skills Taught

As much as you want the person suffering from substance abuse and drug to recover fully, does the detox center ensure they can survive in the real world as sober individuals? Alternatively, will they relapse to their old ways?

So check whether the rehabilitation center can equip a person with the necessary life skills to live a sober life no matter the stress, problems and influences from others, outside the recovery facility.

10. Are the Programs Comfortable or Oppressive

You should check if some of the steps to recovery could be oppressing to your loved one, like forced labor, electrocution, confrontational counseling and heavy drugging during withdrawal.

You can ask the staff members on each phase of the detox process, before admitting a person you love in any of the detox facilities in the country.


Conclusively, you should always do thorough research when it comes to drug and alcohol detox centers, as they are to determine the future health and life of your addicted loved one.






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