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Why Addiction is So Hard to Beat

by Melissa Bell
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You’re staring up at the ceiling, and nothing feels real. Your blinks are slow, and time seems irrelevant. You blink once more, and then you see a dark figure hovering over your body. The Monster has returned. Suddenly, you are thrown from your body, and you have a moment of despairing clarity; seeing what you have become. You try to scream, but the Monster is holding you by the throat. It’s big and dark, and as it’s hand grips your throat, it starts to become a part of you. It’s form slithering until you don’t recognize yourself anymore. Everything in your mind becomes so, so dark and you can’t see a way out…

And even if there was, when you are in the throws of addiction, you can’t see it. From alcohol to drugs to something new that is being termed “gaming addiction,” the world has become full of opportunities for this disease to take hold. It is difficult to understand just how difficult dealing with addiction is unless you experience it. Just seeing them, it’s impossible to understand what’s going on in their minds. It is also difficult when you see someone you care about struggling so much, and they won’t accept your help because they feel so isolated and alone.

For the Friend of the Broken

So, what do you do? As a friend, as difficult as it is, they need to help themselves by allowing others in. You can’t be pushy and demand that they clean up their act because that almost never works. As heartbreaking as this is to accept, there is only two things you need to make sure you tell them:

“I love you. I care about you. You are not alone.”

“If you need me, I am here. No judgment, no questions, I will just listen.”

And sometimes that is all you can do. And you must be okay with that.

For the Broken Soul

I know you won’t believe that there is a way out, and I can’t say that it won’t be difficult. Everyone’s addiction is different, so overcoming your addiction is going to be difficult for everyone. Withdrawal is going to be the first and most difficult step to overcome in your journey to get clean. From the physical pains to the emotional turmoil, it will not be easy, and it will not happen overnight; but getting clean is possible.

The most important thing to realize that addiction is a disease. It affects everyone differently, and some people can be predisposed. Many researchers have found strong genetic ties to prove that addiction can be something people can be more susceptible to. As this isn’t something people think about when testing for diseases, the only way to find out this information about yourself is after it’s too late.

There are steps you can take though. Like anything else, addiction doesn’t have to be a death sentence. The first, biggest, and hardest step is going to be admitting you have a problem. Now the 12-step program always has people rolling their eyes, but if you are ready to get clean, there will be people who are ready to help you.

“I’m ready… so what do I do now?”

The first thing you will experience when you stop using a drug or quit drinking, your body will recoil. You will most likely feel sick for a while, and you will want to use your vice of choice 1000 times more than you ever did before. Once you decide that you are done with your vice, the best thing to do is to find yourself a professional counselor, rehabilitation center, or support group. It is important not be alone and to have someone who can keep you accountable.

Using a counselor or support group, you will have someone you can speak to about why you started using, why you continued and – most importantly – why you decided to stop. Once you find someone to work with, they can help you find the right treatment program to help you find your way to healthy, clean living.

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