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Chocolate – Benefits, Facts & Figures

by Melissa Bell
1 minutes read

The allure of chocolate is undeniable. There is something sinful and indulgent about biting into rich chocolate that appeals to the hedonist in all of us. And indeed we eat chocolate in a variety of different ways. Chocolate is a small snack or a pick me up sometimes. Sometimes we like a piece of chocolate after a meal as an alternative to dessert. Chocolate drinks, both hot and cold, are also popular around the world. And of course there is no dearth of desserts, cakes, cookies and hundreds of other dishes that would not be the same without chocolate in them.

Chocolates are also one of the most popular options for gifts for almost any occasion. In fact, Valentine’s Day and Halloween are two days where the maximum amount of chocolate is bought in the year. Chocolate gifts are also popular on Birthdays and Anniversaries especially for women. One estimate even says 75% of the chocolate purchased in a week will come from men buying it for women!

It comes as no surprise then that the world wide consumption of chocolate is rising every year. But this yummy concoction has always received a lot of bad press because it is supposed to be high in fat and sugar content. However, new research shows that eating chocolate offers a lot of health benefits. So indulging your taste buds with a delicious piece of chocolate is now guilt free!

The info graphic below highlights some other very interesting information on chocolate consumption and benefits.


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