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Understanding Adjustable Bed Frames & Bases and How You’ll Sleep Better

by Melissa Bell
4 minutes read

A good night’s sleep is an essential part of living a healthy life. But with evolving lifestyles and demands, the definition of a good sleep environment is continuously changing. A new trend in beds and mattresses is adjustable bed frames & bases that offer a solution that meets modern needs. Lots of people are asking what exactly are adjustable bed frames and bases. Why you might need one? What brand can you trust that’s reliable and makes a high-quality product?

What is an Adjustable Bed Frame & Base?

An adjustable bed frame or base is not just any ordinary bed. It’s a sleep solution that allows the sleeper to adjust the position of their head and/or feet for maximum comfort. These adjustments can range from subtle to more dramatic changes.

Why Do You Need One?

In the past, the bed was solely for sleeping. However, the modern world sees many people spending more time in their beds doing a range of activities from binge-watching their favorite series to working remotely. An adjustable base accommodates all these activities, ensuring you are comfortable no matter what you’re doing.

Benefits of Sleeping on an Adjustable Base:

1. Back Pain Relief: One of the most significant advantages is relief from back pain. A flat bed might increase low-back stress, resulting in discomfort over time. Adjustable bases alleviate this by allowing you to position your body neutrally, minimizing strain on your back.

2. Combat Acid Reflux and Snoring: Sleep disruptions due to snoring or acid reflux are common. By slightly elevating your head, you can significantly reduce the chances of waking up and the possibility of a more restful sleep cycle.

3. Versatility: Adjustable bases break the stereotype that beds are just for sleeping. Whether it’s reading a captivating novel, catching up on emails, or indulging in a movie marathon, adjustable bases provide the flexibility to make all these activities more enjoyable.

4. Customization for Couples: For couples with different sleeping preferences, some models offer split options. This means each person can adjust their side independently, ensuring both get a restful night’s sleep.

Features to Look Out for:

Modern adjustable bases aren’t just about moving up and down. They are loaded with features that cater to the tech-savvy generation. Key features of the Realcozy Adjustable Bed Frame FLEX  include:

  • Individual head adjustment for each person w/ synced foot elevation
  • Ultra lightweight design, built to last
  • Control via smart speaker, app, or wireless remote
  • One-touch setting for zero gravity, anti-snore, tv lounge, and more
  • Super quiet motor, lifts up to 750lbs
  • Low profile and zero-clearance
  • Adjustable height – 12″ total with 5″ & 7″ legs
  • Easy assembly, no tools needed

An adjustable bed frame and base not only guarantee a good night’s sleep but also ensure that the time you spend in bed, be it working, watching, or reading, is optimized for comfort. In the world of sleeping solutions, adjustable bases have changed the way we rest. There are not better alternatives for those that have been searching for a better sleep solution.

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