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A clove of garlic per day to chase that cholesterol away

by Melissa Bell
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Eat garlic if you are concerned with cholesterol. More than 20 clinical researches have shown that fresh garlic and some garlic products can lower cholesterol in blood. According to Dr. Robert Lin, chairman of several international conferences on the effect of garlic on health, three cloves of garlic per day will lower cholesterol by 10% on average, or even up to 15% in some people. It didn’t matter if the garlic was fresh or cooked. Doctors found 6 ingredients inside the garlic for which they think can lower cholesterol, lowering its creation in the liver.



garlicIn a control clinical study in Bombay, 50 persons who ate three cloves of fresh garlic each morning for two months reduced their cholesterol by 15% – from an average of 213 (5,5) to 180 (4,6). At the same time, their factor of cholesterol coagulation has been dramatically improved. In a different research at the Bastyr College, Seattle, a daily dose of garlic oil from three cloves of garlic for one month reduced cholesterol for about 7%, but more importantly, increased the beneficial HDL cholesterol for 23%.

WARNING:  Garlic, fresh or cooked, can improve your cholesterol. Garlic powder, normal or salted, sold in supermarkets, has no therapeutic value at all.

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