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5 Ways to Keep Your Bed Healthy and Hygienic

by Melissa Bell
4 minutes read

Living a healthy life 24 hours a day means you’ll spend a lot of time in bed. With doctors recommending 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night, however you look at it, your bed shall be an important part of your healthy living overall.

Despite this, many people don’t realise the importance keeping a healthy and hygienic bed plays in their life. Let’s look now then at 5 ways to ensure your bed is a healthy area.

1. Don’t Eat in Bed

The first rule is also one of the most difficult to follow. We get it, a chocolate cookie or two is a tempting treat to have alongside a glass of milk. You may even be on a Netflix binge and keen to have a packet of chips for company. Ultimately though, eating in bed is never a good idea.

No matter what you shall leave some food particles and crumbs behind. These can attract ants and roaches you’d be horrified to see crawling through your sheets. Even worse, it can attract microscopic bugs you won’t see.

2. Rotate Your Mattress

Rotating your mattress is also an important step to keeping your bed healthy and hygienic. A good rule is to do so every three months. Rotating your mattress is important as it prevents your mattress sagging. If it sags it would no longer provide your body the proper support it should.

Regular rotation is also important as it allows you to check for any issues with the mattress. As you rotate, look to ensure no springs are out of place, there is no tears in the mattress, and also that there are no active stains or mould. With a great mattress protectors, that odds of any issues like this existing is essentially nil, but it remains important to check just the same.

3. Change Your Sheets and Pillowcases Every 3 Days

Changing your sheets and pillowcases regularly is really important. It is also one of the easiest ways to maintain good health. It is often overlooked, but your skin is an organ of your body too.
If you’re spending 8 hours a night in bed, its essential for your body it’s a clean environment.

That’s why changing your linen every 3 days is essential. Doing so helps ensure bacteria doesn’t build up in your bed. It is also good for your complexion and skin overall, as it prevents the buildup of sweat and oil that can cause pimples.

4. Use a Mattress Protector

Alongside changing your sheets regularly , a great mattress protector is also important. This will ensure beyond the surface area of the sheets, your mattress as a whole will stay free of moisture, bacteria, and other nasties that over time can become a real health issue.

5. Keep the Rest of Your Room Clean and Airy

A good bed should be in a good bedroom. This provides a number of health benefits to you.
When it comes to hygiene exclusively, look to ensure your room has plenty of access to fresh air, and natural light. Also ensure it is not hot all the time.

While it is 100% OK to have a heater on with you overnight in winter, look to open the window in the morning and let some cool air in. This helps kill off any germs that can thrive in a hot environment.

Bonus: Look out for Any Other Hazards

Alongside maintaining your bed’s health and hygiene, it is good to keep an eye for other hazards. Pets is a very common one. While many of us love a good cuddle with our cat or dog now and then, it is best for hygiene’s sake to keep your pet off your bed.

Many pet owners like having their pet sleep in their bedroom at night, and that is fine. A good compromise here is to setup a pet bed next to your bed. That way Woofs the dogs or Tabby the cat can still keep you company, but not be a risk to your health.


A healthy bed shall help ensure you have a healthy life. From morning to night, keeping your bed clean will ensure you can look forward to a healthy and hygienic sleep each and every night. This is a wonderful way to not only make you look forward to hitting the hay every evening, but can also be a springboard to making other positive, healthy changes in your day.

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