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4 Ways to Stay Healthy at Work

by Melissa Bell
2 minutes read

During the week, you probably spend the majority of your time at work. Whether you sit at a desk all day, or have a more physical role, your job can take a strain on your body and overall health.

While you may try to adopt healthy habits, when you are always on the go, it can be difficult to stick to them. In the long-run, this can lead to health problems, causing illness, absense or even injury and public liability insurance claims.

To avoid this, here are 4 easy ways you can stay healthy at work.

Increase H2O Intake

To stay alert and productive, you may be tempted to buy an energy drink, or have just one more cup of coffee, but too much caffeine and sugar can actually reduce your output and leave you feeling tired, due to spikes in your levels of insulin and glucose. Instead, try to drink plenty of water throughout your working day, to help you stay focussed, reduce calorie intake and avoid potential health complications.

Avoid Unhealthy Snacks

Office workers often indulge on snacks during the day. This can be all too easy to do and snacking while you work can soon add up to a lot of extra calories. If done every day, this can result in weight gain, which can in itself lead to health problems in the long-term, such as diabetes and heart disease. To stay healthy, pack nutritious snacks that you can leave on your desk and enjoy throughout the day, like nuts, seeds and fruit.

Adjust Your Work Space

Sometimes, you can make changes to become more healthy but it can be your working environment that leads to issues. For example, incorrect equipment or a badly adjusted computer monitor can cause strains and health problems. To improve your health at work, ask your employer to carry out an ergonomic assessment to minimise injury.

Take Physical Breaks

When you get a short break at work, you may be tempted to sit and relax but if you have an office job, this could further harm your health. Aim to take regular breaks and perform some simple stretches for a few minutes, enjoy a walk during your lunch hour, or you could even consider using a standing desk with a treadmill, to keep you active while you work.

Staying healthy at work can seem like a challenge but it may be easier than you think. However, in the event that your health suffers, you are entitled to seek medical advice and file an insurance claim. But hopefully these tips will prevent illness or injury in the workplace.

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