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10 Secrets to Saving Money on Amazon (#10 is our Fav!)

by Melissa Bell
3 minutes read

While we usually publish health related content, with Black Friday behind us and the holiday season coming, we thought it might be interesting to have an article about shopping – and nothing beats paying less.

Amazon is the largest Internet-based retailer in the United States. With revenue of $89 billion in 2014 alone, it is certainly the most popular online shopping platform for Americans and millions others worldwide. Amazon’s prices are usually very competitive, but there are simple ways you can save even more — whether or not you subscribe to Prime membership. Check out our secrets for saving when shopping on Amazon, and share some of yours.

1. Start on the Coupon Page


When restocking household and pantry items, go straight to the coupon page and start your shopping there. You can find it under the tab for “Today’s Deals” and easily score an average of 15% to 20% off per item.

If you’re an Amazon Mom through their $99/year Prime membership program, you can combine the savings by adding the coupons to your cart —just click to clip the coupon. And that means more money for you and your family.

2. Browse the Open Boxed and Used Products

Opened_boxAlso under “Today’s Deals” you’ll find the “open-boxed and used” products warehouse. All the products are supposed to be hand-checked and fully functional, but exercise due diligence and carefully check the product details to make sure you’re okay with the overall condition.

With Amazon’s facilitating policy regarding returns, many people are ordering several similar items at once from different manufacturers, only to choose one and return the rest. You’ll often find half-off discounts just because the packaging has been opened or damaged. And if everything else is intact, that’s a steal. But if there’s an indication of cosmetic damage or missing parts, the savings might not be worth the hassle. Look for good reviews and feedback too, as sometimes the shipping item does not match the picture.

3. Use Amazon’s Visa Card

amazon-visa-cardGetting Amazon’s Visa card gives you an automatic 2-3% off every purchase you make on Amazon. If you use Amazon a lot it really pays off and you’ll be surprised with the amount saved by the end of the year. You also get a first-time bonus (or rebate) of $80 on your first purchase. You can have it set up to automatically pay off the total balance each month and avoid interest charges. At checkout, you can find a running total of reward points. You can use them a little at a time, or save up for a big purchase. Hard to see how you can go wrong with an offer like this!

For additional savings, use your Amazon VISA for 3% from January until September. Then try switching to something like Chase Freedom, which offers 5% off Amazon purchases in the 4th quarter. Right now, they are offering 10% off through the end of the year, up to a max $1500 ($150 cash back). And they reset the clock, so you can save $300 total by the time you are done shopping! Do your research on the different available alternatives. An educated shopper is a smart shopper!

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