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How to do dumbbells back exercises and its benefits?

by Melissa Bell
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Incorporating dumbbells into your back muscles exercises offers several advantages to your health. Some of the advantages are practical for back muscles while some are psychological benefits.  

If we ponder over the practical benefits of dumbbell back exercises we can get many health benefits. Without denying the fact that dumbbells are low-cost equipment and do not take up much space. You can easily adjust in your home. In fact, a small number of dumbbells is sufficient to train your back muscles strong. Because most of the gym machines are very expensive and typically you can perform only one activity at the same time. 

Research shows that activation of the pectoral muscles during the dumbbell bench press is similar to activation when performing the same exercises with a barbell. On the other hand, there are some psychological benefits of dumbbell back exercises. You can easily manage dumbbell back exercises according to your body requirements. You should not go to a specific place and require tough guidance. You can easily adapt the exercise mood by taking little guidance from YouTube, Google etc. and from any expert. 


Back muscles anatomy 

Back muscles are out of sight and we cannot see them directly. But we cannot ignore their importance in human lives. They are beneficial for human’s health, body posture, and routine activities. Therefore, making them strong is the first priority. If we observe the anatomy of back muscles, we can see that they are divided into different forms. For example, Erector spinach muscles help in the movement of the head, lateral flexion, and extension of the spine. Same as Erector spinach muscles, there are many types of muscles that give strength to the human body so that the body can perform different tasks effectively. 

Benefits of dumbbell back exercise 

The dumbbell back exercises allow you to get the benefits of both cardio and weight at the same time.  Doing cardio with dumbbells while targeting larger back muscles helps maximise calorie burn.  Weight training boosts metabolism.  You can easily burn your calories by adopting dumbbell back exercises. And you require less money to buy dumbbells and you can fix them in a small place. If you know the guidelines, you do not need to go to the gym. Because you can easily do these exercises in your home  

How can one start dumbbell back exercises? 

You should start dumbbell back exercises with lighter weights. By using light weights, you can move faster, which helps increase calorie burn as you build lean muscle mass.  Because we will be using lighter weights this helps ensure you’re slimming down and toning up as opposed to building bulky muscle mass. 

Most people do not have the proper guidance about back muscle exercises, they should adopt a proper plan. As training continues you will gain more strength by performing multiple sets of back muscles exercises. Multiple sets are beneficial when a maximal increase in strength and power is the goal. There are different exercises available to improve the strength of back muscles. Some of them are under below: 

Upright Row 

This is the simplest form of exercise and it is very effective for back muscles. The dumbbell upright row strengthens and stabilises the upper back and shoulder. You should stand with your feet width apart. Then you have to hold the dumbbell in front of your body. Hereafter, raise the dumbbell vertically, lifting eyes on the ceiling while keeping the shoulders blades back and chest up. 

Alternating Single-arm Dumbbell Row 

The alternating single-arm dumbbell row is also a simple but challenging exercise as compared to the upright row. It stabilises and gives strength to your back and biceps. If you want to do this exercise, at first, you should start by sitting back with your torso, bending forward at the hips. And row one dumbbell to your side and lower it and repeat on the other side. It will increase the strength level of your back muscles. 

Bent-over Dumbbell Reverse Fly 

Bestower dumbbell reverse fly is another exercise of back muscles. Actually, this exercises rhomboid muscles, and heralded but important muscle groups in your back that support your shoulder movement. If you are willing to do this exercise, hold a dumbbell in each hand with your foot’s shoulder. Keep your back straight and you should bend your body slightly.  Hold the dumbbell weight together and then slowly bring them out of the sides. You should keep your arms slightly bent and pull the eyes out behind. 

Dumbbell Renegade Row 

Dumbbell renegade row is one of the simplest exercises but at the same time, it is a bit challenging for many people. It hits the back muscles, shoulders, triceps, and biceps. This exercise starts from the position of push-ups with your hands on dumbbells placed shoulders width apart.  One dumbbell side your body while balancing the opposite hand and feet. Hereafter, you should pause for one or two seconds at the top and return the weight slowly to the start position.  Then repeat the other side also. 

Dumbbell Skull crushers 

In these exercises, you should lie on a bench and lower the dumbbells until your eyes are bend 90 degrees. Then press them back to the starting position. Though best known as a triceps exercise, it also builds coordination between the tries and upper back. 

Dumbbell Incline Row 

Lie chest-down on an adjustable bench set at a comfortable angle. With a dumbbell in each hand, bring your shoulder blades back and together as you row the weights to your sides. Return to the starting position. 


We cannot ignore the importance of back muscles in the human body. They are an integral part of the human body. Therefore, there are many dumbbell back-muscles exercises available. You can easily do dumbbell back exercises at home or in the gym with little space. One should start these exercises with the help of proper instructions and a good trainer, it will lead you to a healthy life. 

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