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Why You Might Want to Become a CrossFit Enthusiast in L.A.

by Melissa Bell
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CrossFit was founded by Greg Glassman and it got its trademark in 2000. Currently, there are at least 7,000 CrossFit-affiliated gyms nationwide, and CrossFit Los Angeles enthusiasts are part of the strong membership growth notwithstanding the fact that the method has been around for quite a while now.

You may have come across CrossFit Los Angeles while you are scrolling through your social media account, and it may have caught your eye one way or another because you saw fit women who are doing CrossFit exercises that many men cannot like performing back-to-back strict muscle-ups or deadlifting 250 pounds.

Of course, CrossFit is not the first workout method that has become trendy – you also have yoga, Pilates, “ab” classes, Zumba, HIIT training, kickboxing, Olympic weightlifting and many more. What sets CrossFit apart from the others is that none of them are as “all-inclusive” as CrossFit classes ca be. It also depends on what you are looking for. Do you need something to maintain your endurance, strength and flexibility while challenging to maintain your dedication at the same time? If the answer is yes are likely to find CrossFit satisfying and also different from other types of fitness classes.

If you research CrossFit, it may make you be hesitant because of possible injuries that can result from the workout’s combination of functional movements from weight-lifting, running, gymnastics and more. In fact, your first “box” and your first “WOD” (this is CrossFit talk for gym and workout of the day) may make you feel extremely nervous. But, when you have a bit of experience in different styles of exercises, you know that any exercise when not optimally performed can cause injury or discomfort to your body. This is why it’s important when you enroll in CrossFit classes to have a coach who will be able to teach you with proper technique to avoid the most common CrossFit injuries, stretching and warming up before workouts and also making sure that your body will be able to recover properly.


Should I enroll in a CrossFit Los Angeles box?

If you don’t have experience in CrossFit but are curious about the program, here are some reasons why CrossFit might be right for you:

The CrossFit environment is intentionally curated to motivate you

Every person’s biggest struggle with exercises is sticking with it. The last thing that you may want to is be stuck in a gym and just stare at yourself in a mirror while doing biceps and curls. You may need to do something with a fun competitive aspect and this can be found in CrossFit classes;

I once read in Box Life Magazine that CrossFit is a competitive sport for grown-ups. This is because the workout in CrossFit is timed. So, after completing the WOD, some gyms are using an app wherein you can input your time and then you will be able to compare it with the results of your CrossFit group. If you are just by yourself, it can be difficult for you to push yourself. One study found that the participants are biking 87% more intensely if they are doing it with a partner rather than just biking by themselves.

The people in your CrossFit group can become your friends

When you are going every day to a CrossFit gym, chances are that you will know at least 95% of the people who are there. Unlike experiences at regular gyms, you will feel less intimidated by the sight of super bulky dudes who are in their tank tops and are pounding away at the bench press, or less annoyed when there are two perfectly sculptured people who are next to you on the treadmill and never stop chit-chatting. This might be personal, but I feel like the people in CrossFit are a lot more normal people and you can feel that you will eventually like having them as part of your life.

A key component of why CrossFit is so effective is because of the community that spontaneously arises when people are doing CrossFit workouts together and which makes CrossFit so effective. In a CrossFit box, you will be doing the same crazy difficult workouts even though it is at different times and pace and this can become your bond into becoming more than just fellow gym-goers.

You gain muscle but can still look feminine

Sometimes you can hear women saying they don’t want to lift weights because they don’t want to get big. In CrossFit you can get stronger and get better quads, but can still look like a woman.

While the fact remains that CrossFit was designed to allow you to lose fat and gain lean muscle, you should not anticipate starting looking like Annie Thorisdottir any time soon. There are many elite fitness women who are also on strict diets and supplement regimens to help in developing their bodies. Thorisdottir is the 2011 and 2012 CrossFit Games winner and also the co-owner of CrossFit Reykjavik and she believes that CrossFit can have empowering effects with women. The point that she is trying to make is that not everyone wants to try to become a CrossFit champion and to show women that being strong is beautiful.

If this article was able to pique your interest in CrossFit, you can start looking at CrossFit gyms near you to help you start with your fitness journey.

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