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Setting Up Your Own Meditation Space At Home

by Melissa Bell
4 minutes read

A space where we can meditate and get our thoughts together to improve our mental health is an important thing for a lot of us nowadays – so how do you create this sort of space in your home.

1. Pick The Location You Want

Ideally, your meditation room should face lush green meadows, trees, a beautiful garden or a creek. You may already have such a room in your house but use it as your bedroom. Nonetheless, you can choose a corner of this room to set your meditation space, since it is so relaxing and comfortable.

You can also choose a room without this scenic setting, provided that you get creative and decorate it with nature-like posters and art works. Bring in some items that promote meditation and calm such as scented candles, beautiful pieces of furniture or a comfortable armchair. For instance, you can find a big poster illustration a scene from a forest or a tropical beach, and display it on one of the walls of this room. This will create the illusion of being in the middle of nature.

2. Keep Your Space Neat And Clean

The reason for keeping your space clean is simple – an uncluttered and neat space helps your mind to relax during meditation instead of focusing on various elements in the room. Make sure you remove clutter and clean your meditation space, so that it stays pleasant at all times. This will enhance your meditation experience.

3. Let Fresh Air In

Bu ventilating your room several times a day, you’ll create the perfect setting for a relaxing and fulfilling meditation. The cool breeze coming through widely open windows will make you feel refreshed and relaxed after a long day.

4. Water Feature

A water feature can be a lovely addition to a space like this. The trickling sound of water is a great addition and can really help make the space feel more relaxed – check out Luxe Water Walls for details.

5. Light Up Your Room

Sheer curtains will allow sunlight to enter the room during your daytime meditations. However, if you want to meditate in the evening, you’ll have to choose the lighting of the room to suit your personal preferences. Whether you prefer dim or bright light, the choice is all yours. Try Philips Hue if you want to be able to change light colours and textures.

6. Who Doesn’t Like Nice Smells?

If you like nice smells, you may choose your favorite fragrance and a way to spread it across the room. There are scented candles, aromatic incense sticks and essence oils, so you’ll have a lot of options. If you find the smell bothersome during your meditation, you may choose to light up the fragrance a few hours before the time comes to sit and meditate.

7. Give Up Clutter

Wide-open spaces offer a better meditation experience than cluttered rooms, with lots of things scattered all over the place. Whether you intend to use your bedroom as meditation space or you have a dedicated room in your house, make sure you keep it uncluttered at all times. You may not be able to get rid of all items in the room, but try to keep your meditation corner neat and clutter-free.

8. Get A Mat For More Comfort

It’s not a good idea to sit directly on the floor to do your meditation. Get a soft yoga mat or a thin mattress. You may also get a soft cushion to use it as backrest. If you can’t sit down on the mat, you can always get a chair with proper backrest, as the most important thing is to be comfortable while meditating.

9. Keep Your Phone In Silent Mode

Meditation time should be your private time, when you don’t connect to the outside world. Your phone calls and emails can surely wait for a few minutes, so that you can focus exclusively on yourself during this time. If you don’t want to switch off your phone, keep it on silent mode and leave it in another room. The point of this meditation is to disconnect from the world, so that you can recharge your batteries to get connected again once the meditation time is over.

10. Play Soft Background Music

If you like this idea, you can play soft music in the background during your meditation. Choose instrumental music, and avoid keeping it too loud. If you want complete silence, give up the music completely. The choice is all yours.

This is how you can set up a nice and cozy sanctuary to enjoy your meditation time.

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