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Why Assistance When Caring For a Loved One Isn’t a Luxury, It’s a Necessity

by Melissa Bell
3 minutes read

Over the last decade, aged care facilities have gone above and beyond to create a holistic environment for elderly individuals to grow and enjoy life. A subsequent by-product of this evolution is that many people believe that quality aged care options are more of a luxury, rather than a necessity. Here are some of the benefits they offer.

Respite cares

Many individuals will spend a day in aged care engaged in a social activity, enjoying a cooked meal or connecting with family. For others, they may be in the hands of respite care in NSW. Respite care is one such care option that is required out of necessity. A family will usually seek respite care services if the individual has experienced a change in health or lifestyle and needs temporary or longer-term concentrated care.


Nutritional and balanced diets

When we are busy or unwell, our diet is usually the first thing that suffers. As we age, the need for nutritional and balanced diets is greater, but it is not always possible to make this happen every day. Aged care communities, with the aid of a full kitchen team, provide breakfast, lunch and dinner – with tea, coffee and meals served in between. The need to eat regularly and well is a necessity for all of our elderly loved ones, and it’s yet another priority that aged care rounds off with a flourish.

Home maintenance

If you are not an elderly person, it may seem like having someone to keep your home in order is a luxury. The fact is, this is a real necessity for elderly individuals who may be living alone or with another elderly partner. It also means more than just dusting here and there. Assisted living care will have a trained carer administering tasks like changing sheets, cleaning the home, and often even showering your loved one, and keeping them accountable to their medication regime. Imagine the freedom your loved one will feel when relinquished from the labour intensive tasks that deny them the opportunity to be more spontaneous and selective with how they spend their days.

Social interaction

It should be no surprise to anyone that social interaction is one of the most stimulating experiences for the mind. The act of connecting with one or a group of people can be incredibly beneficial to your elderly loved one, and a necessary part of their life going forward. While family time spent together is important, life obligations will often prohibit that from being a daily thing you can commit to. An aged care community will more than make up for that fact, with several social activities planned on and offsite, as well as the day to day interactions with fellow residents and carers. Have peace of mind knowing that your loved one is in a social environment and surrounded by friendly faces.

We would all like to see our loved ones enjoying the luxuries of life, but first, let’s cover off the necessities. A reputable aged care community will offer both, and encourage a greater quality of life – both mental and physical. Keep your elderly loved one involved in the family decision-making process, as they should always have an active role in their living condition choices.

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