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4 Ways To Heal Naturally After A Car Accident

by Melissa Bell
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If you’ve been in a car accident, you are most likely dealing with some pain and discomfort. The force of an accident alone is enough to rattle your body quite significantly, even if you didn’t suffer any broken bones or lacerations. In fact, a car crash at a speed of just 35 mph is like getting hit with four US tons of pressure, according to an impact calculator.


And car accidents are not so uncommon. In New York, there were over 20,000 car accidents in the first half of 2017 alone, according to New York car accident attorneys Hach & Rose. Here you can learn more about accidents in New York.

Now after an accident, most people will see a doctor and fill the pain medication at their local pharmacy. However, with the opioid issues we have all been hearing in the news, you may be looking for natural pain relief after a car accident.

“A better approach is using natural therapies that raise cell vibration and improve energy flow in painful areas. I find that these can bring significant pain relief,” Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra explained. “And, because a number of them also involve the mind/body connection, they can also help reduce the emotional impact of chronic pain.”

If you are looking to heal naturally after a car accident, the following natural ways to relieve pain may work for you. Let’s take a closer look!

1. Begin with good old fashioned rest

There is no better natural remedy for pain than rest and sleep. Sleep is how are bodies naturally recover, regenerating damaged tissues from stress we put on our bodies, whether intentional or not. Rest is a great place to begin after a car accident. It can have both physical and mental benefits.

If you have been in a car accident recently and not getting enough sleep, you should plan for an early bedtime and late wake up. This can help increase hormone production important for your energy, growth, rehabilitation, and immune health.


2. Apply heat often to relieve pain

Another natural pain reliever after a car accident can be simply applying heat to areas of pain on the body on and off throughout the day. There is definitely a reason why heating pads continue to be in production and sold in mass. They work. Why? Heating pads, hot water, and thermal wraps can block pain receptors by relaxing the injured tissues you have via the car accident.

Heat can also boost blood flow and reduce the swelling you may have to an injured limb, hand, or foot. And heat is also just nice. It can be relaxing, helping you rest easier and get the much-needed sleep you need to recover (see number one).

3. Relieve car accident pain with essential oils

Essential oils have been used to heal a number of ailments for centuries. In fact, the earliest recorded production and use of essential oils dates back to Muslim Spain in the 12th and 13th centuries. And they are still in use today, because they work.

When using essential oils for pain relief, it is critical to know just what essential oils you need, and how to use them as well. For instance, lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, yarrow, and chamomile are essential oils used for pain. You would take a few drops of the oil and mix it with a lotion, and then apply to the skin. There are plenty of online resources to learn these methods.

You can also purchase pre-made essential oils to apply at natural remedies and health food stores. This is a good option if you don’t want to mix essential oils while in pain after a car accident.

4. Massage away the pain

Following up on the essential oils natural remedy for pain, massage can be combined for ultimate pain relief of an area after a car accident. But before massaging, be sure that no bones are broken or fractured in that area.

Why does massage work? Massaging an area of pain will increase blood flow, which will reduce inflammation. Normally inflammation is the cause of the pain if nothing is broken. Less inflammation equals less pain. It really is that simple when it comes to natural remedies for pain.

Wrapping up . . .

After a car accident, you are probably going through a lot. You may be injured and can’t go to work. You may have needed to call a lawyer in order to ensure you are getting the compensation you deserve. All of this adds up, and you want to be sure you get pain relief without the mind-numbing issues involved with pain medication.

It’s important to get a checkup right after the accident, and then again several weeks later, not just for the sake of your health but also in the event that you – or the other driver – pursues legal action. According to a car accident injury attorney in Los Angeles, establishing a “paper trail” of medical documentation can make or break a personal injury claim – every bit of evidence can be helpful for your case.

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