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When Should Pregnant Moms Get Chiropractic Care?

by Melissa Bell
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Misalignment of the pelvis and spine is a common side effect of pregnancy’s physiological as well as endocrinological changes. When a mother’s hormones mix with her lower gravity center and the baby’s extra weight, the result can be a lot of strain on her body. Apart from being uncomfortable and usually painful for the mother, this may also result in various difficulties during delivery.

Is it okay to go to a chiropractor if you’re expecting a child?

Chiropractic treatment involves maintaining the spinal column in perfect health as well as the adjustment of misplaced joints. Neither medicines nor surgery are required. Instead, it’s a form of physical therapy used to ease pressure on the spinal cord and improve general well-being.

Worldwide, chiropractors adjust more than a million people every day. Rarely do patients experience complications. Chiropractic therapy is generally accepted as safe during pregnancy. However, chiropractic treatment isn’t always the best option. Before visiting a chiropractor while pregnant, it’s best to check with your OB/GYN first. Follow the link https://www.healthline.com/health/pregnancy/chiropractor-while-pregnant.

Chiropractors are educated to safely and successfully treat pregnant women, and some have further certification in prenatal chiropractic care.

To accommodate the unique needs of pregnant women, any chiropractor who specializes in chiropractic treatment will use a chiropractic table designed to be used during pregnancy. They will also be aware that a pregnant woman shouldn’t lie on her back, and will know to make her lie on her side instead.

Here’s what you need to know:

Pain reduction

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Pregnant women often report experiencing severe back discomfort. Loss of joint and ligament stability is a common cause of back pain in pregnancy. Injuries and pain to the back and spine are common during pregnancy, but regular chiropractic adjustments can help alleviate these risks.

Getting rid of nausea

Pregnant women who suffer from severe cases of “morning sickness” or nausea often find relief with chiropractic care. Some pregnant women find relief from nausea with medication or dietary adjustments, but a more comprehensive approach may be more successful.

Chiropractors handle vomiting and nausea by focusing on spine realignment that assists in enhancing nerve system function for hormonal balance. Furthermore, adjustments can aid in the relief of pregnancy-related digestive disorders like nausea and constipation. Read more here.

Enhanced pelvic stability

Expectant women who are worried their baby will remain in the breech position should read this. There is mounting evidence that prenatal chiropractic therapy aids in maintaining pelvic balance, allowing babies more freedom to shift into the optimal birthing position.

A smoother delivery

Women who receive regular chiropractic care throughout pregnancy often report having a more comfortable labor and delivery. We can credit this to the way frequent adjustments serve to keep the hips, pelvis as well as spine in appropriate alignment. In addition, women who have healthy nerves may have an easier time managing contractions.

Preventing injuries

Flexibility is important for pregnant women, and chiropractic therapy can help. As women adjust to their changing bodies, stress injuries are a real concern. Get adjusted so that your shifting body is in sync with your movements.

Strengthening your posture

Pregnant women should try to avoid the “arching” of the back that is so typical throughout pregnancy, as it can cause serious back problems down the road. You can acquire methods for maintaining a straight spine with the help of chiropractic care.

Sleep better

Sleeping in the wrong position during pregnancy can cause discomfort and irritability. That’s a bummer since it means a lot of ladies lose sleep just when they require it the most. Pregnant women can benefit from working with a chiropractor to develop healthy sleeping habits.

A healthier pregnancy

The anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting effects of chiropractic therapy help many pregnant women have more comfortable pregnancies.

Faster recovery and overall wellness after birth

If you maintain a prenatal chiropractic care routine, your body will be in a better position to recover and bounce back quickly after delivery.

Pregnant women who get adjusted by chiropractors report feeling better both during and after their pregnancies. New mothers can benefit from correct posture when bending to lift a newborn, holding a baby for extended periods of time, lifting a car seat, or pushing a stroller all of which can cause strain or damage.

When should you start your sessions?

You should know that Chiropractic Care for Moms is the best thing you can get into while pregnant. Numerous people are already going to chiropractic sessions on a regular basis while they are attempting to conceive, but you can start therapy as soon as the pregnancy is determined as long as your obstetrician approves.

Once you start experiencing discomfort, you should visit your OB/GYN and then schedule an appointment with your chiropractor. Don’t wait until the pain becomes terrible before getting help; the sooner you do, the sooner you may start repositioning your body for more comfort and efficiency in your daily life.

It is not too late to see a chiropractor if you have avoided them for the whole of your pregnancy. Maybe you’ve been feeling wonderful for the past eight months, but now that your due date is quickly approaching, you’re starting to worry that the baby hasn’t yet flipped into the right head-down position. On the home stretch, maybe you just need a break. Consult your chiropractor and ask for an evaluation to find out if and how they may assist you.

How often do you need to visit a chiropractor?

The frequency with which your chiropractor recommends you attend the office will be outlined in your treatment plan; however, this schedule may need to be adjusted as your pregnancy develops.

Depending on whether you experience brand-new aches and pains or a significant reduction in your current discomfort, you may need to make more or much fewer modifications. However, many expectant moms plan more frequent adjustments in the weeks leading up to their due dates in order to assist their bodies reach peak performance in preparation for birth.

In general, you should visit your chiropractor once per month during your first trimester, twice a month during your second trimester, and once a week during your third trimester.

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