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The Benefits and Risks of Dental Implant Procedures

by Melissa Bell
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Health is an essential aspect of life for everyone. Only when one is healthy and fit can they expect to fully appreciate and enjoy all life has to offer.

However, perfect health is not a given. People fall ill, accidents occur and for these reasons, they have to receive treatment. This treatment might come in one form or another, depending on the type of health challenge an individual is facing.

Dental Health Problems

Dental health’s goal is to prevent and or treat oral complications of any kind that may arise.

Dental Implants

Protecting Your Oral Health

The principal habit that everyone should adopt to prevent oral health challenges as a whole is the daily practice of oral hygiene:

  1. Brushing Your Teeth: It is the accepted standard that everyone should brush their teeth at least twice a day;
  2. Flossing: Again, everyone should ensure to floss their teeth if possible, after every meal or at least daily. This is to remove the remaining particles that may linger at different sides of your mouth;
  3. Using a Mouthwash: used to rinse the mouth after brushing. It removes any lingering food particles in the mouth;
  4. Eating Healthy Food: Adopting a healthy eating lifestyle is another way of improving your oral health. This is because starchy/sugary beverages attract germs in the mouth that attack and damage the protective layer of your teeth and your gums;
  5. Changing that Toothbrush: Many people are in the habit of using their toothbrush until there are no more bristles on the toothbrush. Your toothbrush should be changed at least every three months;
  6. Quitting Alcohol and Tobacco: Smokers and alcoholics are more prone to suffering from oral cancer at some point in their adult life.

While adopting all these healthy habits, ensure that you book and keep appointments with your dentist. This is the best oral health advice that can be given to you by anyone. Do not wait until you have a problem before doing so. You might just be doing more harm to yourself by doing so.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are prosthetics attached through a surgical procedure to replace or support the structure of the jaw or teeth from the root.

These prosthetic replacements are very similar to the natural ones and are a better alternative to either having a bridgework or dentures which at times, do not fit properly. They are also able to function like your natural teeth.

The surgery itself usually consists of a series of procedures. It has to be noted however that implants require time to heal properly and to knit well with the jaw bone. This process might take months before full integration is achieved.

Why Are Dental Implants Done?

Statistics show that lots of people now prefer the option of having implants to normal bridgework or dentures. The following are some of the reasons why:

To Replace Damaged Tooth Roots

Sometimes, the damage is not just to the tooth but down to the gums and the root. Thus, the procedure is done as a better option to replace the removed parts.

To Improve Their Appearance

Bad jaw structure and or damaged jaw and teeth generally affects an individuals’ outward appearance negatively. For this reason, people go for this procedure to improve their facial appearance.

Speech Betterment

A decayed tooth, damaged gums or a damaged or broken jaw greatly impairs one’s ability to speak fluently and audibly. Again, many a time the dentures might be ill-fitting and would slip from time to time during speech, making the wearer uncomfortable and ultimately affecting speech.

There are no such problems with dental implants after they are integrated to the jaw bone and the individual’s speech is generally improved.

It’s Comfortable and Convenient

Once they are healed and properly merged, a dental implant becomes a part of you. You do not have to bother with the stress of removing your dentures. You also won’t need to get and apply adhesives on it to keep it in place.

They are Durable

It is a procedure done to permanently fix your tooth challenge and once in place should last for life.

Are There Risks to This Procedure?

Like any medical procedure, dental implants may pose some challenges and there might be some risks. These, though, are very rare and when they occur, are easily taken care of. Some of the risks include:

  • Risk of your tooth or mouth getting infected at the point of the procedure;
  • Damage or injury to the other parts of your mouth;
  • The challenge of an implant intruding into your sinus cavities when the procedure is done on the upper jaw.

Things to Note

dental implant procedure

Before the dental implant procedure is undertaken, the dentist should have done a thorough evaluation that will include:

  • A comprehensive examination of your dental structure that will include an x-raying of your entire mouth and teeth;
  • A complete review of your medical conditions, your drug prescriptions if you’re on any and your medical history;
  • A comprehensive treatment plan that will factor in your own unique situation.

This also means that you should look for reputable specialists in this area and look out for their works like the dental implants by Eschenbach before settling on the place to go for the procedure.


Your dental health is a crucial part of your overall health, especially in your twilight years. When there is a need to replace a damaged tooth from the root or restructure a damaged jaw, you can go for an for a dental implant (after seeking professional advice) with the assurance that you are solving a problem for life.

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