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6 Home Remedies To Help You Beat Snoring And Sleep Better

by Melissa Bell
4 minutes read

Did you know – 48% Americans agreed that they experienced occasional insomnia, and as much as 22% agreed that they encountered consistent insomnia? Now, insomnia is, to a large extent, caused by snoring. For anybody who snores regularly, sleep time is not necessarily relaxation time, because snoring keeps the person in discomfort, causes his breathing to stop, forces him to wake with a start, and also troubles the partner who gets disturbed because of the grunting sound. Snoring is the beginning of a more troublesome condition of sleep apnea.

The good part, however, is that with some pretty easily manageable home remedies and quick aids, you can significantly reduce your snoring issues and begin enjoying uninterrupted sleep. Read on to find out more.

Peppermint and Goldenseal Oils


If your snoring is being caused because of congestion in the chest and nasal passages, these oils can help. Peppermint oil is a proven effective essential oil delivering quick relief for chest congestion. Buy some peppermint essential oil and consume a few drops in warm water. When the congestion is relieved, your snoring symptoms tend to go away too. On similar lines, drinking herbal tea with goldenseal can help you get rid of nasal blockages that otherwise trigger snoring. Remember; avoid caffeine in your tea, especially if you’re consuming it close to sleeping time.

Oral Aids

Among the most common causes if snoring is the fact that the snorer’s tongue tends to fall back in the mouth cavity, obstructing the pathway for air to come out of the nasal pathway. To avoid this, oral aids such as sports type mouthguards and orthodontic retainers can be highly beneficial. Just by putting on one of these oral aids, the regular snorer can experience significant reduction in snoring. That’s because the oral aid keeps the lower jaw and tongue in place, ensuring the nasal cavities and pathways are not obstructed, hence eliminating the grunting sound that results otherwise.

Pre Sleep Dining Best Practices

By modifying your pre-sleep diet habits, you can enjoy better sleep without the ravages of snoring. For starters, avoid consuming any kind of alcohols before sleeping, because their consumption relaxes your tongue and throat to the extent that they reduce the amount of airway for breath to leave the body. Secondly, reduce the amount of food you consume as dinner. When your stomach is completely full, it presses against the diaphragm and indirectly causes congestion of airways, causing snoring. Thirdly, avoid consuming dairy products before sleeping; it’s been clinically proven that there’s correlation between their consumption and the risks of snoring. Dairy products are high on fats and create a layer of mucous on your throat and tongue, indirectly promoting snoring.

Sleeping posture

In many cases, snoring is a direct consequence of your sleeping posture. For instance, sleeping on the back side causes the tongue to fall back into the mouth, triggering snoring. A simple solution – sleep on your side. There are some pretty good sleeping pillows that help you sleep on your side. It’s not necessary that you buy any specialized pillows; just dump a few ordinary pillows to your side and create a little cotton hill that prevents you from turning over. Another trick often suggested is to place a fluffy ball at the back of your night shirt so that the discomfort doesn’t let you sleep on your back.

Fenugreek and Spearmint

Digestive system disorders are a cause of snoring for many people out there. For snoring that has its origin in indigestion problems, these two herbs are a wonder potion of sort! Acid reflux symptoms can easily translate into snoring, especially for people with obesity and insomnia
troubles. Spearmint can quickly help reduce acid reflux symptoms, hence cutting off the probability of snoring kicking in. Fenugreek is another powerful herb that can quickly restore the acid balance in human digestive system.

Vitamin C to overcome sinus led snoring

Suffering from sinuses is a terrible experience for many. Vibration of the uvula (the fleshy tissue extension of the soft palate that hangs above your throat), and the fact that you sleep with your mouth open when  troubled by sinuses, all combine to result in severe snoring. Vitamin C comes to the rescue in such situations. That’s because Vitamin C helps your body get rid of the sinuses super fast. So, consume foods that are high on Vitamin C, such as broccoli, papaya, pineapple, and red bell peppers.

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