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Treat Yourself To An Ayurvedic Massage At Home

by Melissa Bell
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The very first thought that strikes our mind when we hear the word massage is relaxation. Massage is undoubtedly considered the best way to rejuvenate your body physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Lately, ayurvedic massages are becoming quite a talk of the town. However, finding and visiting a good massage center can be a daunting task. Besides, fancy or not, spa charges are way too high. They can surely dig a deep hole in your pocket, and you might not want to get another one anytime soon.

What if we say there is an affordable and comfortable alternative available for you? Self-massage at home or practicing Abhyanga, an ayurvedic term for massaging one’s self with oils. Such a massage can be easily performed daily in the comfort of your home. Don’t worry if you are not good at massages, as people tend to get a hold of it after performing a couple of times. So, say no to expensive spas and massage centers, you can experience the luxury right at your home now. If the oily mess is catching your attention, it will be only a matter of time. As soon as you start practicing the massage daily, the mess will get minimal.


Why do Ayurvedic experts recommend Abhyanga?

Let’s just say nobody knows your body better than you. However, Abhyanga is a great practice to relax and experience mindfulness in your home. Abhyanga or self-massaging practice is highly recommended for various other reasons, as well. It is believed to be an integral practice for everyone who wants to lead a healthy and sound life.

Apart from that, the massage comes with various other benefits too. Ayurvedic experts believe that it is vital to relax daily. It will not only help lead a healthy life, but it also promotes productivity. Also, let’s not forget that practicing Abhyanga can give you glowing and healthy skin, as well. It improves the blood circulation in the body that ultimately leads to various skin and hair benefits.

Benefits of self-massage

Self-massaging has the same benefits as any other Ayurvedic massage. It is excellent for your overall health. But, the most apparent benefit of self-massaging is the comfort of your home.

However, a complete boycott of spas and massage centers is not recommended initially. At least not until you know the best techniques to treat yourself. So, you can visit a professional masseuse for proper relaxation of stress knots.

How to choose the right oil?

The next thing crucial thing about massaging is massage oil. Choosing the right massage oil for you is extremely important. If the oil isn’t right, the results won’t be satisfactory enough.

The choice of oil must be based on three factors, your state of balance, atmosphere, and Ayurvedic composition. Spend a little time figuring out your dosha; once done; you can handpick the oil that best complements your conditions.

Difference between Abhyanga and other massages

Abhyanga and other massages are similar in terms of purpose; they aim to revive energy in a person. Also, the techniques of modern-day massages and Abhyanga are pretty much the same too. Rubbing, squeezing, and pressure massage is the primary way of performing both these massages.

However, the amount of oil used in Abhyanga is far more than the amount used in regular massages. Besides, Abhyanga is a massage that must be performed daily on a routine. But, you can skip a session or two of other massages.

Ayurvedic oils

Ayurvedic massage oil from Kerala Ayurveda proves to be a feasible solution to get rid of body pain while relaxing you at the same time. Kerala Ayurveda is undoubtedly the right destination for all kinds of oil-related requirements. They deliver premium quality oils to your doorsteps.

There are different massage oils for different skin types and concerns. For instance, Pavan oil is best for people with dry skin; it is curated with all the essential ingredients. Individuals with oily skin can opt for Dharani oil.

When to avoid self-massaging?

Even though the massage is highly beneficial, you must constraint from performing it in particular instances. Pregnancy is one of the cases when you should avoid practicing Abhyanga. Also, refrain from doing it when your monthly cycle knocks at your door.

Other than that, don’t make Abhyanga a compulsion in your life. Staying in a routine is good, but ignoring discomfort and injuries of the body to remain in routine is not a healthy practice.

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